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Some unsolicited ideas to make events more fun, and less time consuming

Content of the article: "Some unsolicited ideas to make events more fun, and less time consuming"

With the advent of NV, we've seen events become harder, and the rollout of some QoL changes that respect players' time a bit more (eg. 10 arena orbs). I think this is a great start, and have some ideas on how this could be continued over the rest of the event types. Also I'm bored and stuck in quarantine (had to travel for work), so I have too much time on my hands.

What I'd like to see is events that:

  • take less time
  • cost just as much in resources
  • are just as rewarding
  • are still as accessible to new players
  • are more interesting to vets, while being less tiresome


Time optimisation:

Either give us 10 orbs like the arena, or double the rewards and give orbs a 2hr reload time (I'd prefer the latter). A lot of us simply aren't gonna be checking into the game every 5 hours.

Set raids so that they use separate team setups, like arena and item world do. Switching between KM and Raid events when they're concurrent is a pain in the butt and boring. There's already a solution for this in game, why not extend it

Fun optimisation:

I think these are good as is tbh. We still have to think a bit to balance high bonus with dealing damage, which is a nice little challenge – especially if you're f2p or mostly f2p. Dunno if whales find these boring though.

King Mog

Time optimisation:

This is difficult – 30 NRG is already a lot, so I'm not sure straight up doubling rewards and doubling NRG costs would work here. An idea I had, which may be more difficult to implement: let us choose how much NRG to spend on a run, and make it a multiplier. 30 NRG = 1x, 60 = 2x, 120 = 4x etc. Heck, maybe we could do that for all of these events.

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Fun optimisation:

The core challenge of this game is figuring out how to use your team's skills to counter a boss's mechanics. This is pretty much absent in KM – especially in the two levels before the boss.

I think it would be fun if these were more like a puzzle. Instead of giving us bonus enemies on a roulette, make us earn our bonuses. Maybe we could choose certain limitations (like Arena limits), and if we beat it with those limits, we get the bonus. This works well with the NRG multiplier idea, since we don't end up screwing ourselves over by using all our NRG and getting no bonus enemies.

I'm a big fan of the daily bonus challenge as is – it's hard, but we only have to do it once a day, and the rewards feel appropriately rewarding.

Item World

Time optimisation:

Get rid of the 1% and 3% stat buffs. Either ditch the auto-buffs entirely, or improve them so they're not useless (and also set them to 3 tiers). Make it 5 levels, and adjust rarities so that we have the same chances of getting a good item at the end of it. Set the orb reload time to 2hrs, to compensate for the fact that it takes half as many orbs – thus, we get the same number of good items at the end, with the same rewards, and less meaningless button tapping.

Fun optimisation:

I'm not sure for this one. Maybe force us to use naked units ('wear no gear to power up your gear' – also keeps it accessible for new players), and balance it accordingly so that vets can still one-shot stuff with stronger units hitting repeat, but we actually have to use a full team and their skills.


The most important change they needed to make was to the rewards tbh, which they have done. The 10 orbs is great too. I'd like to see the medal exchange rewards and arena summon ticket pools get an update too (megacites? really?), but hey.

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Personally, I'd love it if defending mattered somehow, but I've heard varying opinions on why that would be good or bad. What do you guys think?

One way this could work is, rather than have the ratio of the defending team be tied to their rank, have it tied to their defense record. Those of us who don't care about epeen aren't penalised by having a team that's easy to wipe then. That would also allow those of us who don't care about being top-100 to avoid the really nasty insta-wipe teams too, by avoiding the 1.5 teams and focusing on 1.4s. I generally scrape by at just under top 3000, without too much difficulty. It would be nice if I could do that without getting into long protracted fights with a five-tank team that just won't die. In the mean time, if I'm feeling spicy and need to bump up my ranking a bit, I could try a 1.5 team every now and then.

Miscellaneous 1-Shottable Fights

eg. the daily free enhancement quest, unit intro quests, etc

These are dumb and shouldn't exist. Why is there even a fight, if I can one shot stuff with a naked unit auto-attacking.

An easy, boring solution would be to turn these into ad-gated rewards. We all watch youtube or something while doing the roulette ads anyways, a couple more wouldn't be a big deal.

The more fun solution would be to make these little puzzles. If you're gonna do a unit intro quest – actually introduce the unit. Eg. with NV Rain – give me a fight that's difficult unless I use NV Rain's abilities correctly, and build a team around supporting specifically him do damage. If it's gonna be a one-off, might as well make it interesting. I think the current companion battles are a decent example of this.

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Story Events

I'm not sure here – I think these might be fine. They're not grindable, so the overall time commitment isn't bad. The main part of story needs to be accessible to new players, so vets will inevitably one-shot their way through.

While I liked the format of the new companion battles as far as introducing the new units, I kinda miss the old-style bonus stages, where we needed to put together a team that could do all the missions for multiple stages, and beat the boss. It's a type of challenge that doesn't exist elsewhere.


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