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I keep seeing people in the Daily Help Thread asking about an STMR ranking. I think it has been about two years since the last one that was posted so I decided to give it a shot. If enough people agree/disagree or I missed something then this will be updated. Now for a few key notes about this project.

  1. I did not include every STMR in the game. If it isn't on this list I didn't find it worth adding even as a niche option.
  2. The lists are based off of how often they can be useful when building a character. Would you use Crescent Moon Charm 8 out of 10 times when gearing compared to Locke's Dagger for example. How universally useful it is.
  3. If something is in Niche (for example) it doesn't mean its bad. It could be OP where applicable but isn't a 'slam' on any and every unit for every build.
  4. Some lists have a "BIS" vs others having "Amazing" as their highest. This happened because "Master of Fate" and "Indestructible Light" are almost required, but I didn't want to have a whole spot just for them. So a few STMRS wiggled into that role. You can view all of these as "Amazing" for simplicity.
  5. Based off of my opinion.

General STMRS – Equipment

NicheGoodGreatAmazingBest In Slot
Chocobo Feather AccessoryDarkness Purging Blades of Azure CrimsonSword of GrandsheltTerra's Sword+Ultima Blade (FFXV)
Coin of Fate EdgarFaris's Sword (FFV)Swordbow of Unbreakable FaithUltima Weapon(FFIX)Lunar Eclipse Rod – At a later game update this becomes a monster.
Sword of KingsNecro DaggersMaster and Apprentice's Great KatanaLazy RodCrescent Moon Charm
Bartz's BladeFusion SwordMutsunokami(FFVI)Black SparkyMinister's Coat
Medical StaffKupo SwordBlack Roselia -You can craft – Leavateinn +4 onceScanning GogglesNomad's Necklace
Nerine's Trance SaberFatal ChrysanthemumHolographic TransceiverDevotee's Raiment
Pluie SaberSearing EmberSerpent Rod of the Twin SagesKingly Raiment
ImpartisanTrident of the OracleFirion's BowSephiroths Longcoat
Kaktiria's KnunckleEmotional LanceScarlet GloveStorm Bunny Jacket
Summer WhipSniperKrile's ScrunchieCorundum Suit
Lord of Sea's GarmentsRydia's HeadbandRed HelleboreKurasame's Knowing Tag
Rabanastre Dancer's ClothingAerith's ClothesVivi's HatPeacefinders
Sage of Thunder's VestmentPurple & Black Battle AttireGlacial Battle GarbRavenheart
Nyx's DaggerStarlight DressInfernal Battle Garb
White Dragon FangsCoin of Fate SabinFlower of Reunion
Onion Sword+Moonshade EarringWarlord Leg Guards
True Purple LightningLuid LensesCrimson Butterfly
Bruce's Dark HatVermillion FlagDurandal (FFXII)
Formal SuitLocke's DaggerBlizzard Orb
Garland's CloakChacco Plushie

General STMRS – Materia

NicheGoodGreatAmazingBest In Slot
Brain Teasers MembershipA Lion's HeartDragoon's WisdomBattle IntelligenceMaster of Fate
Dream of the FaythAzure RadianceForce MysterionI wanted to Go With YouIndestructible Light
VampyrismCorrupted MageHigh Class DaggerLast GuardianWeapons Specialist
Witches CackleOvercoming DeathRestoration of the HisameMemories of Ragnarok
Icy PassionEnchanting ArcherMechanic for the Royal FamilyValued Memories
Warrior of the CrystalDuty to the WorldLove for Trabia
Dark AspirationsDouble Catharsis
Oerba's BoonYin-Yang Dual Hand
Originator of the Final SummoningSea Dragon

Role Specific (Magical/Physical Tank) – Equipment

Knight's MedalAerith's ChokerLightbringer (FFVI)Honor of Grandshelt
Pomelo's SousaphoneCrystallized ClawKenkonkenShield of Light
Wedge's GunPoppy's Passionate PaintbrushEscutcheonXezat's Morning Star
Judgement Staff(FFV)Kalmia's Time-WaverMagical EggsPlague Doctor's Mask
Ayaka's HairpieceCommando Captain's ShieldSpring BasketMidsummer Boater
Calming GarbAttractive ShieldReverie ShieldGabranth's Armor
Swordbreaker(FFXII)Rinora's Conductor UniformYuraisha's HairpinImperial Armor
Emperor's RingSaintly Castle
Daisy's ArmguardFreesia's Staff

Role Specific STMRS (Physical/Magical Tank) – Materia

Determined to Defeat the EmpireBeach GirlsPride of the Behemoth
Original ArrivalCool BeautyWarrior from Another World
Winged HeartLuka's Valentine RecipeJudge's Oath
Exceptional IngenuityShield of the Chosen King
Spirit of the Shinobi
Unquestionable Loyalty

Limited STMRS

NicheGoodGreatAmazingBest In Slot
Shamshir of LightSnowseekerSeventh NirvanaKryla's VeilGuardian of Light Sora
Massive BouquetMumyo SwordCrown of EternityLion ArmorUpgraded Package
Sword of WrathSupreme Sword of LightGreed's CoatSupreme SentinelSoaring Legendary Dragon
SagittariusModified ShotgunLumina's ClothesWings that Transend Time
Fifth NirvanaSpirit LanceAlphonse's Shoulder Plate
Wildfang HeirloomDemonic ScrollFloating Hearts
Fei's Martial WearGlorious HeadpieceWinry's Earrings
Jensen's TrenchcoatOlberic's SurcoatGifted Sorceress's Knowledge
Lion EmblemShortcakeGuardian of Light Riku
Boy Brimming with CuriosityKing of BeastsIshval's Hero
Everlasting KindnessPrimroseKnowledge of The Truth
Guardian of Light KairiFallen MoonMargie's Wish
Heavenly PresencesGrim BrillianceMother's Return
Marchenko's SecretsHeart's LightSecret of Mana
Fortified CuirassWinter Child
Heart's DarknessFaith Will Be My Shield


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