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Suggestion to Gumi about current situation…: The Sequel (usually not as well-received as the original)

Content of the article: "Suggestion to Gumi about current situation…: The Sequel (usually not as well-received as the original)"

Gilpocalypse: The Aftermath

(Fair warning #1: This post became way too long for most redditors. If you have the time or the stomach for it… feel free to indulge and continue…
Fair Warning #2: There could be some opinions which crept into this post which you may disagree with. Feel free to post your disapproval in the comments… this is a discussion.)

So yesterday the "Gilpocalypse" happened in FFBE (as Claic Yuzolt cleverly labeled it on twitter)… and, while we were all locked out of the game, I wrote up and posted this post about what I would recommend Gumi should do in this situation….

Well…. TL;DR…. they (not surprisingly) didn't fully take my suggestion to heart….

That created an uproar in the FFBE community… many support tickets were submitted, SQEX_Justin was made aware, and (supposedly) the BBB was notified…

Well, this morning, FFBE "team" offered the following update...

Concerning the Exchange Shop (FFBE 4th Anniversary: Overdrive SOON™) Fix

Thank you for playing FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS.

We would like to assure you all that we have heard your feedback regarding the handling of the gil snapper tower error, particularly in regards to the desire for easier methods of acquiring gil in-game. Although we regret to inform you that we are not planning on adding gil snapper towers to the Exchange Shop (FFBE 4th Anniversary: Overdrive SOON™) in the future, we are currently discussing other ways to facilitate the acquisition of gil that could possibly be added to the game. We greatly value the opinions of all of our players, and will make sure to make a more detailed announcement about these plans in the near future. With that said, we would like to once again apologize for this error, and kindly ask for your patience and understanding on this matter.


That obviously still doesn't sit will with many players.

It's great that they are planning on implementing better ways to get gil in FFBE soonTM
But that doesn't help the current situation or appease the (understandably) upset players.

What can still be done?

So what can still be done to appease players?

  • 1) The new way to get gil could be promised to be delivered by this coming maintenance (the night of 9/9/2020).
    • Not "in the near future".
  • 2) That new way to get gil could be literally a 10-fold or greater improvement.
    • Meaning, for example, we currently get 170,000 gil per 30 NRG run if we bring a gil doubler to the Chamber of Riches. That amount could be increased at least 10x to give 1,700,000 gil per 30 NRG run. And, the Gil Snapper weekend event could drop multiple Gil Snapper TOWERS per run to average a little higher than the 1,700,000 gil we would get from the chamber of riches which is accessible any day of the week.
  • 3) More adequate compensation could be given to all players.
    • That would allow all players to not have to worry about gil for a while… not just the fortunate players who were able to purchase the towers. I'm not sure what an adequate amount should be… I'll ballpark it… ~100 million? (Feel free to give a better amount in the comments)
      This "solution" is not really a perfect solution for sure. It will not fix the "balance" or "fairness" issue completely since the fortunate players will be EXTRA fortunate and therefore will still technically have more than the players who were not able to take advantage…. so, eventually, the fortunate players may not have to worry about gil for a longer period of time than the other players. However, at least it will not be a bottleneck for the majority of players for a decent amount of time. And if a better way to earn gil is given before the compensation well dries up, like Gil Towers replacing Gill Snapper Families in Raid summons for example, then it won't be an issue after all.
  • 4) OR… They can STILL put the Gil Towers back in the SOONTM coin shop!!
    • (I know Gumi well enough that they're completely hard-headed and will refuse to go back on what they reiterated already… so this is HIGHLY unlikely)
    • AND, (if they are able to decipher the code and tell who it happened to), they should restock the shop with the snapper towers for those players who bought the towers that were pictured but they actually turned out to be gil snapper FAMILIES instead.
      (This option 4 would still be the best solution IMO because it would be equal for all players.)
  • 5) The costs of 7-star awakenings and ability awakenings can be reduced significantly across the board.
    • We are in a NV and NVA era now. It will become increasingly more annoying if we can more easily awaken NV units before we can even consider awakening a unit to 7-star or an older 7-star unit's abilities.
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What cannot be done?

So what are they probably NOT able to do?

  • 1) They cannot roll-back everyone to the time of last maintenance.
    • Too many things have transpired since then. Players have pulled new NV units, new rainbows, enhanced equipment, awakened 7-stars, completed trials, earned tickets on the chocobo slots, etc… If those things get taken away, even more players will be infuriated.
  • 2) They cannot take back the gil and the gil snapper towers from the players who were able to take advantage.
    • Again, too many things could have transpired or could have NOT transpired.
      Some players could have awakened all abilities they were delaying, awakened all 7-stars they had delayed awakening, awakened all their NV units' brave abilities and did anything else that costs gil.
      If all the combination of gil and gil towers adding up to 250 million are taken away, some players will end up with zero (or NEGATIVE?) gil when they obviously wouldn't have done all those things if they had known that the gil would be stolen back from them.
      Meanwhile, some of the players who took advantage could have not gotten around to doing any of those things but they still were in the state of mind where they were now finally able to do those things…. so those players would be disgruntled as well if/when they find out that it's no longer a possibility.

What is the general feeling in the FFBE community?

  • Players are angry, upset, and salty.
  • Players suddenly realize how much better FFBE would be without having to worry about the gil bottleneck and they want out of the poverty they've become jaded to.
    • This means, for those players, it's possible that there's no going back to being jaded to that fact… or it will be very hard for them to do so. Which also means…
  • People are quitting over this and/or…
  • People are vowing to never spend a dime on FFBE again….
  • That sentiment is not just shared by the shafted… There are also plenty of players who benefited from this who are angry and upset about the way this is being handled and have no problem standing with the players who are vowing not to spend real $$ on FFBE.
    • There have been many decisions that have happened over the years which were very questionable and angered players. Some players are coming to the personal conclusion that the aggravation finally outweighs their desire to keep playing FFBE and/or they've decided investing money in FFBE is no longer in their best interest.
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Is the stance Gumi/SQEX is taking worth it?

Absolutely not.

It boggles my (mostly logical and functional) mind really.
IMO they are hurting their bottom line many times more than they would have if they would have just left the Gil Towers in the shop.

Leaving the Gil Towers in the shop WOULD have made the majority of players feel much less restricted for anything that requires gil…. SURE…that is true…. But really…Is it truly as big of a deal to them as they're making it out to be?

So players would be able to awaken as many units to 7-star which they already own?
So players would be able to awaken abilities of any 7-star units they own?
So they could craft any (mostly worthless) event weapons that they attain?
So what?

What would that really do?

NV and NVA units and their brave abilities cost way less to awaken … as they SHOULD….since they obviously realized charging 3 million gil for a 7-star awakening is far too much… So why shouldn't the 7-star era units follow suit and gil also no longer be an issue?
Shouldn't those 7-star-era things cost comparatively less than the new era units and abilities anyway?
The 7-star era units and event equipment are far less powerful now…

This isn't Antique Roadshow… just because 7-star units are older doesn't mean they should cost more.


If they would have left the towers in the shop…

  • Far less players would be quitting.
  • Far less players would be cutting off FFBE from their wallet.
  • Far more players would be satisfied with the way FFBE is being managed.
  • Far more players would actually be engaged in playing FFBE because they would have the freedom to awaken and use units they otherwise would have not been able to use yet.
  • Far more players would actually be HAPPY playing FFBE… and with happiness comes a stronger willingness to spend their hard-earned (or not hard-earned) $$ to invest in that thing that is making them happy.
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Instead…Gumi/SQEX has decided to hold tight to their FFBE gil bottleneck…so that means…

  • Players ARE angry
  • Players ARE quitting
  • Players ARE vowing to never spend on FFBE again
  • Players who are not angry or quitting or vowing not to spend still disapprove and will remember this in the future.

How is Gumi/SQEX's decision good for anybody?

Spoiler alert:

(Sorry for the extreme length. This was posted out of love for my fellow FFBE players. And thank you for the 16(??) awards on my post yesterday!… I know it was probably mostly to bring attention to the post… but it was still nice anyway.)

Despite the decisions Gumi/SQEX are making… have a great day and weekend everyone!


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