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Suggestion to Gumi about current situation…

Content of the article: "Suggestion to Gumi about current situation…"

Please Leave the 500 Gil Towers (at 5 coins a piece) in the SOON(TM) shop

Dear Gumi,
For once, do the right thing…

I would eat the mistake and allow the Gil Towers to remain in the SOON(TM) coin shop and pass it off as a generous act of kindness.

There are plenty of other bottlenecks in FFBE which players need to worry about…things like….

  • Lapis
  • Brave Insignias for each NV unit
  • Regular ability awakening materials
  • Brave ability awakening materials
  • NV and NVA unit shards
  • Ascension and Transcension pearls
  • Select summon tickets
  • Omniprisms
  • Prism moogles
  • King Mog currency
  • Raid currency
  • awakening materials
  • desired units/7-stars/NVA's we have not attained yet
  • desired STMRs we have not attained
  • (and whatever else I'm not thinking of at the moment)

Showing this type of generosity by leaving the 500 Gil Towers in the SOON(TM) coin shop at 5 coins a piece would raise overall morale for FFBE players which, IMO, would actually cause more players to feel more comfortable with spending real $$ to invest in FFBE.

I will always invest real $$ in my happiness before I waste $$ due to FOMO (fear of missing out).


Update from Gumi:

"We are aware that the Gil Snapper Family in the Exchange Shop (FFBE 4th Anniversary: Overdrive SOON(TM)) was erroneously set as Gil Snapper Tower.

This has been fixed to the correct Gil Snapper Family.

Players who have exchanged for the Gil Snapper Towers will be able to retain the units.

Our humble apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you very much for understanding."

While this is great for those of us who went into the SOON(TM) coin shop and bought the towers before the fix. It's pretty horrible for players who were not.

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I still say Gumi should do the right thing and just set the Gil Snappy Families back to Gil Snapper Towers so all players have an equal opportunity to purchase them. There are players throughout the globe who were sleeping during the time this happened and there was nothing they could do about it. That doesn't feel right.

Thank you Gumi for allowing the players who bought the Gil Towers to keep them… but please allow the same opportunity to others… I promise it will help your bottom line more than hurt it.


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