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Sworn Eight (Five) vs Sworn Eight

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Happy(?) 4th Anniversary everyone, how have your pulls been? Mine was alright, I got 3 Rainbows from the rip off Era 1 tickets, but I heard most got no rainbows for it which is really sad, and scummy of them to "reward" us this way at the start, I player I've known and helped doing trials quit the game because of these garbage tickets. But that's not what this post is about, today I cleared the Scorn of the Sworn Eight of Paladia using themselves….well almost all of them…..


CG Sieghart : For some reason, he's the only Sworn Six to get Latent Abilities recently, but nonetheless, he's the only Magic Cover Tank in the roster. Having a lot of stats, he's a really good tank even today, geared with all the elemental resistance over 100%, with Thunder,Dark and Holy being a bit higher since these 3 elements have Imperil present in the fight.

CG Ignacio : Red beard dad(dy) over here is gonna be the main focus of the Veritas, geared with 100% innate draw and dodge, he'll be passively provoking all of the physical attacks, and buffing Fire Imbue/Resist/Imperil when needed. Also equipped with Phoenix for its self re-raise ability.

Summer Folka & Citra : idk why i brought them tbh, i could've brought just Citra so it doesn't look like im bringing 2 Folkas. They're here to fill up esper gauge for Wave 1, and spam 10k Needle for the AoE Mirage for the rest of the fight.

CG Folka : Left Turn Folka is here to be the first generic healer I bring to a trial since forever ago. She Re-raises,Full Lifes and MP regen for the team when needed, she's essential for Wave 1 since I'm not bringing any kind of defensive strategy against these guys.

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Odin Raegen : Since he's still technically Reagen I'm bringing him. Odin Reagen brings the burst in burst…..(cricket noises). He's just a really good on-demand DPS especially when he re-raises, he gets his T-Cast back and he comes in 200% ATK buff at the start of battle which came in super handy against Veritas of the Bolts who has RNG non-coverable Magic Attacks.

Honorable mentions that didn't made it to the fight :/

CG Cid : I feel like grounding myself for not being able to fit in Dragoon dad, it's all the dumb Boltlord's fault for having that RNG magic attack!

CG Sakura : She could've worked as a support but there's only 6 slots so….she couldn't fit in.

Gilgamesh (Wotv) : I had this cool idea (no pun intended) of chaining Greg and Raegen but it's not his armored version that made me use a dupe reagen instead of him, I blame Boltlord yet again for her RNG bs, if only Greg had T-cast on turn 1, I could've done this without using dupes.


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