Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

The All In One Stop Thread For All FFBE Sheets


With the dawn of NV, and inevitably new NV damage sheets, the folks at GD3 thought it might be a good idea to make a collective thread that contains all the sheets managed by the community. That way, it will make it a whole lot easier for all of us to find the sheets we need in a single page, instead of scouring our internet histories and reddit posts.

Current Sheets

Sheet Managed By Purpose
GL Best Units GD3 A tier list for non-DPS units, in trial environments. Not rated for DV
GL Damage Sheet /u/Shadowalker3065 Damage calculation sheet without STMRs, goes up to release of NV
Bikini Bottom Sheet /u/Shadowalker3065 Damage calculation of BiS including STMRs, goes up to release of NV
Dangderr’s Damage Sheet /u/dangderr Damage calculation sheet by Dangderr
Wiki Ratings Damage sheet Wiki Unit Rating Team A damage calculation sheet for the purpose of rating units for the wiki unit rankings
DV Burst Sheet /u/dangderr Burst damage calculations for the purpose of DV
Whatah’s JP BiS Damage Sheet /u/Fatalderp The BiS damage sheet for the JP server
Killers List by Saad /u/ok-do8 List of killer sources to use for DV
Quest List /u/jonproskuneo List of quests and rewards in the world. Has not been updated for a while but still useful
Material Farming Sheet N/A Material farming sheet for efficient farming
Bundle Value Sheet N/A Sheet to see which bundle is the most cost efficient
Upcoming Content /u/amhnnfantasy Future release road map
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Pending Sheets

Sheet Managed By Purpose
NV Damage Sheet GD3 A new sheet to calculate the damage of NV units – includes both STMR and non STMR builds


These are the sheets that we personally found and used, if i missed any or there are new ones, please let me know! I’ll try to keep this thread updated! Also I am missing some names for the makers of some of the sheets. If anyone knows can let me know that will be great too!


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