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The current model of “Premium” banner is unacceptable

With Aerith finally being released, we have a better idea what business model these "Premium" banners are like. Here's a comparison of previous GL banners, cost of fragments and the reality of reaching EX+3. Overall, we can safely say that the current model of the "Premium" banner is greedy and unacceptable.

Summon banners comparison

BannerTotal lapis to 1st pityLapis/summonChance for 1 on-banner NV per 60k lapis (excluding guaranteed)
GL Aerith60k27988.5%
GL discount36k30785.5%
GL normal40k45558.7%
JP Aerith/Tifa/SephNo pity27289.0%

At first glance, the current "Premium" banner doesn't seem as bad. The pulls are cheaper and rates are good, comparable to JP banner. However, there are a lot of other factors to consider and the most important one of them all is fragments availability.

Fragment availability in GL

For NV base units, it costs 50 fragments to EX+1, 100 fragments to EX+2 and 200 fragments to EX+3 for a total of 350 fragments and 5 red pearls.

For the past month or so, there are several ways to obtain fragments for GL discount/normal banners:

  • 50 fragments for 5k lapis
  • 30 fragments for 3.3k lapis
  • 50 fragments for 1000 VIP coins
  • 50 fragments + lapis for $50 USD
  • 50 fragments from banner exchange coin
  • 30 fragments free from log in rewards
  • 0-120 fragments from panel rewards (for normal banners with panel rewards)

For F2P players, you're looking at minimum of 160 fragments with investment of 8.3k lapis and 1000 VIP coins in addition to pulling on banner. For P2P players, this increases to a minimum of 210. This puts you comfortably past EX+2 while needing 3-4 total copies of the unit to EX+3. If you were to purely rely on fragment dungeon, this will take 4-6 months.

For GL Aerith banner, the first "Premium" unit, here are the ways to obtain fragments:

  • 150 fragments for free from log in rewards/weekly dungeon
  • 50 fragments + lapis for $100 USD (2 bundles of 25 fragments for $50 USD each)
  • 50 fragments for 3000 VIP coins

Note that it costs 3x more with VIP coins and 2x more with cash bundles for the same number of fragments. Because we get 150 fragments for free, allowing you to EX+2, this does not seem as bad.

Unfortunately, things start to look bad when we get to GL Tifa/Seph banner assuming the same "Premium" banner model is applied. Sources to obtain fragments:

  • 50 fragments + lapis for $100 USD
  • 50 fragments for 3000 VIP coins

And that's it. Assuming you are F2P, if you want EX+1, you need 1 copy of Tifa/Seph and 3x the VIP coins. If you want EX+2, you will need to pull 3 copies. If you want EX+3, you will need to pull 7 copies. Just a reminder that the first pity in GL is 60k, and 2nd to 6th pity cost 84k each.

If you've pitied a single Tifa/Seph for 60k, and have spent 3k VIP coins for EX+1. You're looking at 4-6 months for EX+2 and 10-15 months for EX+3 spent in the fragment dungeon, by which point, they will be completely irrelevant.

Overall, you're looking at spending at least ~2-3x more resources for the same result compared to past GL banners.

Comparison to JP banners

With the JP Aerith banner, red pearls used to awaken Aerith were refunded for a limited time, providing you with the chance to obtain up to 5 red pearls for free at EX+3. You also received free cactuars and tickets to completely level her to 120 and awaken her brave abilities.

  • This is currently missing in GL.

For JP Tifa/Seph banner, there was a 30k step up that allowed you to obtain 100 fragments and had boosted rates (5% and 10%) for 2 10+1s respectively for on banner unit. The chance for one copy of Tifa/Seph for the 30k step up was 91.8%.

In addition, there was a separate banner that for every 45k lapis, you can purchase a 10 guaranteed NV units ticket, this included on banner units. This was true for JP Aerith, Tifa and Seph banners.

  • All of which appear to be missing in GL.

I also just want to briefly touch upon differences between GL and JP fragment dungeon. In GL, fragment dungeon comes ~2-3 months and yields you 70 fragments per unit. In JP, fragment dungeon is daily, and yields you 1-2 fragments per unit. Therefore, for every GL fragment dungeon (70 fragments), JP fragment dungeon yields 60-180 fragments per unit, making it vastly superior.

In addition, although VIP coin exchange is unique to GL, JP has a fragment shop that sells 10 fragments for 1k lapis for all permanent units, which refreshes weekly.

Concluding thoughts

This new "Premium" banner costs dramatically more in comparison to both past GL banners and its JP counter part. The current model screams greed and is unacceptable going forward, given the current state of the game. The recent focus and introduction on/of DV, CoW and "Premium" banner sets a dangerous precedence to push spending and making the game much more P2W. I honestly hope that the developers re-evaluate the state of the game to ensure its longevity.



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