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The Current Saddening State

Content of the article: "The Current Saddening State"

Hello everyone,

After seeing many players posting their frustration about the Gil bug and seeing almost 0 support from those that got the Gil, I realized something even more saddening: the fact that this community doesn’t come together as one for the greater good.

Those that got the Gil are now busy and happily playing, while those that didn’t grab the Gil Snapper Towers for different reasons (missing out by being busy in real life, playing the game without knowing about the bug, not wanting to abuse a bug) are now playing in sorrow.
I strongly believe that if Gumi pulled a “FFXI uoc bug” fix, the ones who got the Gil wouldn’t have stayed quiet, and the ones who didn’t get the Gil would’ve supported them.

The total Gil difference is 235,000,000, more than the cap. That’s a 94% difference in Gil between players. Setting aside the effects of this on DV and other contents in the game, this amount of Gil could’ve made everyone happier by finally making use of their rainbows have been stuck in their 5* or 6* forms due to the lack of Gil.
We already entered the NV era, so why can’t all players enjoy the 7* that they’ve been putting off due to Gil-budgeting against Gumi’s content rush and absurd power-creep?

This community has already suffered from the loss of fun and content as a result of Gumi’s rush to NV. Despite the obvious “gaining profits without offering proper entertainment” scheme that the game keeps doing from time to time, players have not given up on the game. Whales kept whaling, dolphins kept dolphining, fishes kept fishing, even F2Ps bought some small bundles like the last Fountain of Lapis or the $25 guaranteed rainbow ticket. So why can’t Gumi give back to the players with Gil, literally the cheapest currency in the game?

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This amount of Gil could’ve made this the best anniversary ever and the best way to start a New Era for everyone, including new players. But instead, it just increased the negativity within this community and towards the game.
FFBE is truly a toxic game, from both sides: players and developers. What a shame.

My heart goes out to those that did not benefit from the bug. I wish we all could’ve shared the same happiness, and I sincerely hope Gumi reconsiders their decision of fixing the bug to share the happiness across the whole community.


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