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The Global Exclusive Podcast – Episode 26: Vaan Down by the River

Content of the article: "The Global Exclusive Podcast – Episode 26: Vaan Down by the River"

Episode 26 is live! It's our 6-month anniversary! Yay? Yay!

/u/Muspel, /u/ShadoWalker3065, /u/CottonC_3939, /u/DreamblitzX, /u/BharosM, and /u/Hazard_GL present the Global Exclusive Podcast! Every week we’ll be discussing news, units, trials, strategies, gaffes, and anything FFBE-related. We’ll also be having guests from across the FFBE community to showcase their contributions.

This week we discuss the beloved Vaan, everyone's favorite character from their favorite Final Fantasy game. That's why he's so popular, right? It has nothing to do with his kit or STMR, because that would be an extremely silly reason to hype him up. Penelo is also here, as is Fan Service Fran. Not here is Bharos, who according to Dream has a very sore throat from unspecified activities. I do NOT want to know, and neither do you. We also delve into latents and enhancements for Sol, Morgana, Elena, Kimono Fina, and one of Hazard's two waifus (Charlotte). Shadow's childhood nickname lives on, and Muspel laments the lack of Fina's in Fina Fantasy. Cotton tries unsuccessfully to keep everyone from doing their best Bharos impressions.

Enjoy Episode 23, and thanks as always for listening!


0:00 – Introductions

5:38 – Vaan, True 'Murican

13:56 – Penelo, Still Here For Some Reason

21:26 – Fran, Wind on her Cheeks

25:45 – Kimono Fina and…Reks? But why

30:46 – Sacred Shield Charlotte, Bae

33:34 – Elena, GLEX Bad Sprite and Morgana, Summoner's last Hope

36:58 – Sol, Too Grotesque for CG (but we've got twincest Fina? Sure, buddy)

39:44 – DV changes

45:00 – Live Q&A session with listeners

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Listeners, if you have any questions for the hosts or a specific topic, let us know in the comments! We'll try and discuss it on the next episode.


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