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The Neo-Vision era. Does it get better?

Content of the article: "The Neo-Vision era. Does it get better?"

So I've been a day 1 player (complete with Magitek Armor Terra) and have generally enjoyed the game since I started. With the NV era though, I feel like something is different. Off, if you will. Past its pull date. Maybe I'm alone in this, but I just haven't really been enjoying the content ever since the NV era started. Now it's not because I lack NVs to complete content–I've got FF7R Cloud, FF7R Aerith, NV Rain, Lassworm, Tifa, Loren, Veritas of the Dank, and Fake Elena. It's like the stuff just isn't fun anymore.

Maybe it's due to NVs having simplistic kits, masked by the quasi-complexity of a poorly-implemented-so-far brave shift mechanic. Maybe it's because there's even more unnecessary farm content in the form of "challenge" of the brave. Maybe it's because the power creep has been growing too fast to get me excited about new units anymore. Maybe it's just the final straw on a heaping pile of annoyances this game is guilty of–excessive unit/inventory management, annoying popups/screen blockers, bad S3 storytelling, an arena that needs to burn, boring-ass raids that are only tolerable via Nox macroing, blah blah etc.

I've been spending my downtime/phone time on Romancing Saga: Re Universe lately, and I sometimes find myself thinking, "I should probably empty my energy in FFBE again, but…I just don't care as much anymore because I'd rather just keep playing RS instead." I mean its far from perfect, but it's a lot cleaner and the dull stuff is highly macroable due to less UI bloat.

Anyway, to avoid going off on a rant about the state of FFBE any further, I'll just once again ask the question posed in the title of this post: Does the NV era get any better, for those familiar with the JP version? Or does everything wrong with FFBE continue into the foreseeable future as the devs just keep heaping more shit onto the pile? I hate to just leave FFBE behind after all these years (even as a filthy F2P) but…blah I dunno.

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