Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

The New Vann Replacement / #1 2020 Provoke Tank

Even thought she deserves it everyone's talking about the new Terra (She is a beast!!!!). However, don't forget that we have NVA A.Shadow . Back in the early days of FFBE many players showed off a150 ~ 235 atk shadow and that was OP in that meta. Shadow then became a meme and troll in our pulls . Well, today shadow is the best (non-tank designed) provoke tank in the game (Faisy doesn't count even though she is baller).


Firstly here is a build of shadow in his NV/BS forms (his BS form uses left over equipment as he will not be your main damage dealer and many of us has these items just lying around. His NV form is STMRLimited heavy eqipment and most wont have some of these STMRs or limited equipment to spare ( I have 2 Faisy stmr otherwise I would has used Yurisha stmr this one example of mix and matching also 5* Pettycola bear tmr can work if you have multiples, your gonna sacrifice a ton hp/spr though)):

So now you have your awesome provoke tank how the you use him?

Genral Rotation:

Turn 1: Concealing Shadow 2x stack AoE Mirage > Jamming Blade (80% ST Break) > < Jamming Blade (to break another ememy)/ Imbune wind/dark / 120% imperil wind/dark , Submerged in Shadow (Break Katana)>.

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Lots of Turn 1 options!!!!

Turn 2: Shadow Dart is a 67x mod and his Storm Dart is a 65x mod) / Break / Brave Shift Damage / Guard>

From this point its mostly repetition. Finally on the turn you want to kill the boss and you need some extra ARSR chaining you can BS and then 3x chain with high magnus mods.


  • Don't forget he can do 5x damage to the break gauge.
  • Both his forms has the 2x mod increase.
  • He can get 50% mag mitigation against 'Human' enemies (you would BS on turn 2/3 and use Enticing Blade Lv5) which stacks with MAGGenMitigation. If you used my build he will also be full evade. Then you revert to NV form to gain back your high SPR the following turn.
  • He can decrease accuracy by 25% (not really useful but it might save your hide (25% of the time lol) if the boss doe 3x AoE hits you didn't bring a physical tank).
  • He can increase his accuracy by 50% for those rare bosses who has evade.

I love this unit and he will be in my shared slot 4/5 for a long time. He is super versatile and can add 15% more damage under the right conditions (I don't think most of us will use it in DV).

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I cant believe I said I liked Shadow!!!!!!!!


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