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The worst nerf I haven’t seen mentioned? The wave battle format

Content of the article: "The worst nerf I haven’t seen mentioned? The wave battle format"

So we have two units people are in varying states of disappointment about (I'm happy enough, I like them both as characters and they have their place even if they're not mindblowing). That's its own thing.

But what I haven't seen complained about is the nerf to the wave battle event format? Seriously, the currency rate is ridiculous – it has the same random chance of a bonus invade or not before the boss encounter, but instead of being able to get 6 (or 5?) in a bonus wave you only get a SINGLE bomb? Come on.

I have 420% bonus, and get maybe 6k-7k (can't check) or so currency on a good run. I had 950% bonus on CNY's wave battle (the bonus percentages per unit were higher, my team wasn't better), and got 42k per run, AND summons were cheaper at that point.

The absurd currency rate used to be the thing that for me made it worthwhile compared to raids (which people preferred because no NRG) and MK (which people preferred because of the shop). Why take the one good thing away from THIS format? Plus no raid box, which wave battles have had.

And the raid summon itself (no trust moogles, which I HAVE seen complained about – c'mon, would a few "free" Awesome Swordsman really matter that much at this point so much later than when it came out?) The ONLY improvement is that very rare snapper towers were added, so maybe the gil breaks even overall, MAYBE, but it looks from the banner like tickets were also removed at the same time (for whatever small chance they had).

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Rant about this, too!



  • No magicites, megacites, gigantuars, or 3k snappers
  • Rare chance for max level minituars (?) and Gil snapper towers


  • No rare chance for tickets
  • No raid moogles
  • Unit bonuses nerfed by a bit over half
  • Bonus mob drops nerfed to 1/6 per appearance
  • No box summon

Idk, even if this is the new standard wave battle setup, at least let us keep the crazy currency bonus and mob rates for THIS one, since it’s still anniversary. I got lucky on the towers, but many didn’t, and I imagine many people are running out of cactuars as well with how much NV take to 120.


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