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Thinking of investing in the 70%/70% killer materia? (Lapis budgeting)

Content of the article: "Thinking of investing in the 70%/70% killer materia? (Lapis budgeting)"

Forgiveness if there are formatting, tense or grammar errors, this started as a DHT question before deciding to post here instead…

Godsdamnit…the probable life and long-term value of the premium materia, coupled with its perceived limited availability has me breaking down… but Lunar New year is only about 1 month away (either 4 and 5 weeks, or 5 and 6 weeks for the weeks the event runs)…

So I'm curious what our probable Lapis income looks like between now and then, and am doing rough math based on past experiences. Feel free to correct anything I might be off on, or fail to mention – this definitely is not exact.

We'll say 5 maintenance, since that is safe.

Arena – 35×40 = ~1400

Story update – Usually between 3000 and 4000 I think?

Events – 5000-ish, can Vary wildly by event, 1000 per is a mostly safe bet, I think story events can get up to about 3000?

Fortune Hunt II -2400 (subtract 200 for any of the tokens already available, that you exchanged)

Fortune Hunt III – 1000 or 1400

Normal Monthly daily log-ins – 1900

February specific daily log-ins – Usually 500-1500. Assuming we get one.

Weekly daily log-ins – 1000 <+1000> (I am going to value this at ~500 every 2 weeks, though it can get higher, but we'll say 1000 for the purposes of this. +1000 (for tomorrows login from the new year bonus if you are reading this on the date it is posted))

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Rewards wheel – 1000+luck (about 15 days/500 reward, so if you are at the cusp, you might get 1500+luck) – probably another 300-ish from luck is safe to assume.

Compensation – maybe none, maybe a ton, probably 200-500 is safe to assume

So my initial totals are….like 17, 000 on the low end (+1000 from the login tomorrow), up to 21,500 on the reasonable high-end?

So basically, what you have now, is what you'll have for LNY, if that's your next target banner, + about 0.5-1.5 extra x11 pulls.

On a personal note, that's rough, because I am currently at 20k, and that will cost me safety net capabilities if there is a GLEX NV available.

…. but probably still worth it… which is not a reality for the game I want to give so much weight to.

I really wish the banner units were more personally desireable (though they have a lot of value for people that don't have them yet – great units if you lack them).


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