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Training With Elena UoC Rundown/Suggestions

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  • Everyone: Don't waste STMR/UoC tickets with these characters, nothing they offer is unique and powerful enough to be worth it. At worst you'll pick units that will wait in your box until you have enough to STMR fuse.

  • Everyone: Like usual, it's better to wait for the last few days the exchange is possible before making your choice, as you may or may not pull copies of these units in your summons.

  • New player: no evade tank gear? Get Noctis TMR.

  • Experienced player: wants some generic good gear? Consider Emperor Shera and Nyx STMR. Prishe's TMR is also a solid deal if you're lacking ATK hats.

  • Veteran/Ancient player: You probably already have dozens of these (S)TMRs, so it really doesn't matter. Feel free to place your bets for future NVAs.

The Rundown

Emperor Shera

Unit: W-cast DR chainbot. He has limited support mainly from fire imbue to allies + himself and a 100% fire resist AoE buff with very bad ATK/MAG buff numbers. He can also give 40% general mitigation for all allies with his LB for 2 turns, which I'm sure was impressive at some point in the past.

Usefulness: 1/5


Chosen One (materia)

Increase fire resistance (20%)

Increase ATK (35%) when equipped with a sword

Increase ATK (15%) and HP (10%) when equipped with light armor

Not terrible for places where you need both Fire resistance and some ATK on your Damage dealer, both swords and light armor are pretty common. But overall it's still too restrictive and not a worthwhile investment in the modern meta.

I rate it 2/5.


Emperor's Ring (accessory)

DEF+30, SPR+30

Fire Resistance +50%

Increase HP (40%)

Increase SPR (30%) when equipped with a light shield

Increase DEF (30%) when equipped with a heavy shield

This STMR, man. It's AMAZING for tanks, but it's also slot efficient enough to be used by other roles that need some extra bulk, specially for Fire Resistance needs.

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Just glorious. 5/5.

Dark Knight Cecil

Unit: One of the worst damage dealers possible. Also quite suicidal.

Usefulness: 0.001/5


Deathbringer (Great Sword)


Dark Element

50% physical human killer

Old, bad stats. The human killer is the only saving grace of this but there are so many better ways to get killers from…

I rate it 1/5.


Dark Sword Arts(materia)

Increase ATK (30%)

Increase equipment ATK (100%) and accuracy (25%) when single wielding a one-handed weapon

It's not even TDH, just plain old useless DH.

I rate it 1/5.

Pure Summoner Rydia

Unit: really old and bad evoke damage dealer. She can fill the esper gauge, I guess.

Usefulness: 1/5


Pure-bred Summoner (materia)

Increase MAG (40%) and SPR (20%)

Increase EVO MAG (10%)

Generic MAG materia with a plus. The plus is a SPR boost which is often welcome on mages. Honestly, it's not terrible, but there 40% boosts are generally considered too weak for most players nowadays.

I rate it 2/5.


Rydia's Headband (hat)

DEF+24, MAG+52, SPR+38

Increase EVO MAG (20%)

Increase esper's bonus stats (10%)

Stats are below average, but it's a rare source of EVO MAG in the head slot, so there's bound to be some use at some point.

I rate it 2/5.

Atoning Dragoon Kain

Unit: Third rate Chainer with a fourth rate kit.

Usefulness: 1/5


Dragoon Helmet (helm) ATK+40, DEF+28 Resistance: Water (+20%), Wind (+20%)

Pretty solid ATK and DEF for headgear, and the elemental resistances are also nice. But nothing spectacular about it.

I rate it 3/5.


Kain's Lance ATK+168, HP +15% Increase jump damage (+50%)

Dragoons are bad. Even if they were good, the only thing Kain's lance has to offer is a bit extra bulk, but if you're jumping you shouldn't need to worry about this too much. For damage, this is worse than the F2P Kihmari STMR, and also worse than Araneas TMR. So, yeah…

I rate it 1/5.

Mercenary Ramza

Unit: Ancient physical tank with bad breaks.

Usefulness: 1/5


Japa Mala (accessory) +3 DEF HP +20%, MP +20%, ATK +20%, MAG +20%

Lol no.

I rate it 1/5.


Reverie Shield (FFT) (shield) DEF+92, SPR+84, DEF +20%, SPR +20%

The stats on this are pretty good, and it works well as a generic shield. The issue is that between provoke/evade/elemental resistance/death immunity, the shield slot is usually very contested for your tank and it's not very common to want to use a generic option.

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I rate it 2/5.

Knight Delita

Unit: A very impractical LB breaker with mediocre on demand options

Usefulness: 1/5


Grand Armor DEF+72, SPR+28, HP +15%

Surprisingly strong armor for a TMR, offering a lot of generic bulk that can be useful for pretty much anyone that can equip it.

I rate it 3/5.


Dark Aspirations(materia)

Increase HP/ATK/DEF (30%)

Increase physical damage against humans (50%)

A bit of this, a bit of that. Honestly good materia against humans for attackers with a fair middle ground between bulk and damage.

I rate it 3/5


Unit: Hey that's my first 6 stars! That can't be a good sign…

She's a bulky support that can't really support with anything remarkable at all. Who needs a NINE TURNS duration reraise?

Usefulness: 1/5


Prishe's Hairpin (hat) ATK+45, HP +10%, MP +10%

This is a very simple TMR to give your ATK oriented damage dealers. It'll probably never be the very best choice, but it's great, and as the meta slowly evolves to 6 Damage Dealers, having more hats to gear them is not bad!

I rate it 4/5.


Godhands (Fists)

ATK +171

Special ability: Physical damage (3x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy Decrease fire, water, wind, and earth resistance (50%) for 3 turns to one enemy Inflict disease (100%) to one enemy

It's really bad.

I rate it 1/5.


Unit: Once upon a time, he was great. Now he is not.

Usefulness: 1/5


Ring of the Lucii (accessory)

MAG+3, SPR+3, ATK +30%, MAG +30%

Enables Alterna (Magic damage (5.1x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies), and Death (Inflict death (30%) to one enemy Dark magic damage (0.8x) as HP drain (30%) to one enemy)

+25% physical evasion, with 25% chance to counter with Holy (Light magic damage (1.2x) to one enemy Restore MP (15) to caster)

To this day this is an amazing accessory. People will use it for the evasion builds, but it's also not terrible for hybrid attackers. It definitely has seen better days as some of the trial bosses nowadays counter the Holy counter with an even more powerful counter.

I rate it 5/5.


Hexatheon's Revelation (materia)

Increase HP/MP/ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (20%)

Increase fire, ice, lightning, water, wind, and earth resistance (20%)

Increase LB gauge (2) per turn

The jack of all trades. This materia is mostly useful for filling LB gauge and capping elemental resistances. The stats on it are pretty bad.

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I rate it 3/5.


Unit: Support unit that can fill up allies LB gauge by sacrificing himself.

Usefulness: 1/5


Guard of the Future (materia) Increase ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (20%) Recover MP (5%) per turn Auto-heal (60 HP, 1.2x) per turn

No matter which of these stats you're looking to put in your unit, there will pretty much always be a better F2P materia than this one. Very hard to recommend.

I rate it 2/5


Nyx's Dagger (short sword)

ATK+158, DEF+50, HP +20%

Fire element.

All elemental resistances +20%.

Between the HP, DEF and resistances this weird STMR ends up being a very good weapon for tanks. That being said, it's glory days are gone and now we have some very real competition with the dodge STMRs of Vaan and MMXon. Nyx's still has a niche of elemental resistance and the awesome extra HP, which is still nice.

I rate it 4/5.


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