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Unit Review: Awakened Dragon Akstar (Final Fantasy Brave Exvius)

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I'm aware this review is super late!
The girl I was seeing… well we stopped seeing each other and I was a bit bummed out over the weekend and decided to spend it with friends instead.
Also, I spent a bunch of time on monday to calc all the missing units for the damage comparison part. So not only will you see Akstar's numbers now, but also NV Rain's, NVA Lasswell's and NVA Cloud's.

Also applied at a bookstore! Because why not.

Gotta keep in mind that NVA Cloud and Lasswell both have a major damage decrease due to the Vision Card assumptions and I gotta admit, I might change that. They lose out on a ton of ATK just like that.

Unit Review: NV Akstar Awakened Dragon Akstar NV Akstar (BS) by Memel0rd


Trust Master Reward : Awakened Dragon (Materia) – Increase ATK (60%)
Increase physical damage against humans and dragons (25%)

STMR : Novis Ember (Katana) – 182 ATK, 50% DH, 50% TDW

Vision Card : Guiding the Youth:
Lvl 1-10: 40~100 ATK
Lvl 4: 50% ATK w/ Katana
Lvl 7: 50% ATK w/ Katana
Lvl 10: 20% ATK for FFBE units



Akstar hasn't changed a lot since his first version. While he dropped all of his unnecessarily complicated mod boosting with a horrible rotation, he's still only damage.

AD Akstar's base stats are amazing. While he has a tiny bit less ATK than some of the other NV units, his base DEF/SPR are decently higher than both Cloud and Rain. Though as a TDH unit, his passives might not be enough to cover up the bulk, could be a loooot lot worse though. I mean 70% HP, 90% DEF and 80% SPR sets a decent baseline. It's good to not have poor SPR, which many other TDH units do lack. In terms of survivability, AD Akstar also has a guts passive if you really need it.
With his own TMR he hits 240% ATK and 200% TDH, which is good! Won't be hard to get him to the TDH cap at all.
His innate resistances aren't half bad either, Blind, sleep, paralyze and petrification cover up every crucial resistance other than confusion. He'll also have an innate 125% dragon and 25% human killer.

He can T-Cast all of his abilities and it's pretty funny to me that one of his two CD abilites, Guiding Mirror of Equity, is actually just worse than his on-demand chain. It's extremely close to it but it's still worse.

AD Akstar is yet another unit with the very useful ability to deal a ton of Break damage in one swoop. As long as he has a katana equipped, he can deal 5x the break damage, which is huge considering we're going to see the break damage gauge mechanic more frequently from here on.

It's also good to point out that AD Akstar has a ton of self-buffs. If you're facing a dragon enemy, especially in DV, you won't need to slot in MM Xon as he has a self 100% dragon killer buff. Additionally, he can buff his own ATK by 300% for 5 turns on-demand and via his second CD ability gain a 250% SPR buff that CAN be dispelled but lasts infinite turns. So much for TDH units lacking the SPR, huh?

Watch out though! While AD Akstar has an ice imbue, his only imbue also imbues every other ally with ice. In almost every scenario that's a big plus though. As long as ice is a viable element in the needed fight, it can make team building so much easier. Especially when you're using other units such as Cloud (FFVII: REMAKE) or the NVA Cloud. The former has only access to imbues through Brave Shift, the latter none.

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His strongest on-demand chain of course belongs to the AMoE family, couldn't be Akstar if it wasn't for AMoE. The chain itself has a 5400% base modifier and has a 90% chance to crit, hitting for 8100%! It'll get even stronger later on.

For Dark Visions you will face a problem: It's an AoE chain. In fact, all of his chains are AoE.
Don't worry, it's not as bad as you think. His highest burst available obviously comes from his Limit Burst, so it's not a huge deal.

The base Grandis ability is pretty poopy as it has a worse base modifier as the 90% crit chain, but in return recovers a ton of MP. 351 effective MP!

AD Akstar's LB is simple, yet effective. Base 12500% modifier that chains and costs 38 crysts. It has 9 hits that chain, thus it shouldn't be hard to cap either for Dark Visions.
He does lack any kind of active LB damage buffs though, which in future comparisons will hold him back. He also doesn't have the same LB access as some others and will only use it every 3 turns, so he heavily benefits from LB team comps that for one buff his LB damage and then enable him to use his LB every other turn. That way, AD Akstar gains a buttload of damage. And yes, I did say butt.


Brave Shift:

AD Akstar's Brave Shift is available at Turn 1, has an infinite duration but you can't go back to his normal mode 2 turns in. That's fine though as we'll use the first two turns to buff up and then swap back to normal.

Similar to remade Cloud, we have a change in builds but… not really.
The brave shift form swaps to TDW, too, but lacks the 6x chain cap a s well as losing the 50% LB damage, which already is a bad sign. The rest is pretty much the same other than him swapping from dragon killer to human, the same going for his killer buff.
For DV, you can make use of that and swap from BS to normal with the human killer buff.

And sadly this is where it gets a little disappointing.

AD Akstar swaps from non-elemental AoE chains to ST chains, which is great, but is locked to ice. His new on-demand chain has a strong modifier with 9200% post buffs, but is locked to ice. His Grandis ability, which you can use once, also has a massive base 13000% modifier, but… locked to ice.

He also has a multiple turn combo through his CD ability that basically takes three turns to get to a ton of buffs.
Alternatively, you can get a hand on these buffs via his Grandis ability, but only once! 1000% mod boost to all of his abilities and 15% more ice damage, which is huge for both modes. So if he dies, you can re-gain these buffs but it'll take longer to get there.

His Limit Burst is also a downgrade. It drops in the base modifier, from 125000% to 9800% and he lost his 50% LB damage passive while also losing 200% TDH.

As cool as he looks in his Zeno form, it's genuinely used for buffing yourself up and then never going back into it as the damage downgrades, you lose TDH and a ton of LB damage and you don't even get the 6x chain cap.

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How does he fare in the meta?

Right now AD Akstar does well but that's to be expected.

He's on a similar damage level as PG Lasswell and the regular Cloud as you have to keep in mind that they don't have proper VCs equipped in my assumptions.
AD Akstar also can get a lot stronger. Sadly GL had to rush Neo Visions so we actually skipped the 100% LB damage buffer, but even having 50% is gonna be a big upgrade on his damage considering he has none himself. As I mentioned earlier, he also gets held back by his LB cost without having any way to properly fill it, thus having entrusts and strong LB fillrate buffs can make Akstar hit a lot harder more frequently.

That being said, his highest burst isn't even close to some of the other options that we have. Burst damage is currently extremely important. During the break phases in fights you can easily set up many units for their strongest burst and for Dark Visions ranking obviously you want to get as much as possible.
AD Akstar doesn't have bad burst but others, most importantly NVA Tifa, has significantly higher ones and thus despite having a potentially monstrous average damage does fall a bit flat in most situations. He can't bring a dupe to chain his LB with in Dark Visions and thus gets treated as a capper, which you'll have better options for.

His TMR is a great addition to anyone who isn't extremely stacked on STMRs as it allows you to gain 60% ATK while gaining two 25% killers, with human and dragon giving you a good chance they're gonna be useful in DV.
His STMR is a neat idea. It has 182 ATK, both 50% TDH and TDW to complement his Brave Shift to Normal mode swapping, but you can just equip different weapons. You won't ever use it in his normal mode and his Brave Shift mode lacks the 6x chain cap to make proper use of it. Even for TDW builds, it might compete with your Dark Masamune slot. Otherwise it's a great STMR.

His Vision Card is amazing for any Katana user. 100 base ATK at level 10 and 100% ATK (120% for FFBE) is huuuge. If you're using PG Lasswell or Akstar currently, go level it up already.


Build + Maths:

Normal Build:

Brave Shift Build:

Awakened Dragon Aksta Damage  ATK post 300% buff: 4790  ATK post 300% buff: 4783 Rotation:  Turn 1: Culmination of Destruction + Reigning Blade - Nation Division + Disciplined Blade - Grave Result  Turn 2: Disciplined Blade - Grave Result x2 + Death Blade - Falling Star Frost  Turn 3: Whirl of Blizzards + Destructive Blade - Glacial Fissure x2  Turn 4: Limit Burst  Turn 5: Destructive Blade - Glacial Fissure x3  Turn 6: Reigning Blade - Nation Divided + Destructive Blade - Glacial Fissure x2  Turn 7: Limit Burst  Turn 8: Whirl of Blizzards + Destructive Blade - Glacial Fissure x2  Turn 9: Destructive Blade - Glacial Fissure x3  Turn 10: Limit Burst  Turn 1: < 4790^2 x 63 x 3.445 + 4790^2 x 92 x 4 > x 1.15 x 1.3 = 20067536807  Turn 2: < 4790^2 x ( 18 x 3.783 + 74 x 4 ) + 4790^2 x ( 92 + 150 ) x 4 > x 1.15 x 1.3 = 45692728428  Turn 3: < 4783^2 x 30 x 3.445 + 4783^2 x 92.8 x 4 x 1.6 + 4783^2 x 92.8 x 4 x 2.2 > x 1.15 x 1.3 = 51777611442  Turn 4: 4783^2 x ( 130 x 2.4 ) x 3.9445 x 2.2 x 1.15 x 1.3 = 92600043274  Turn 5: < 4783^2 x 92.8 x 3.445 + 4783^2 x 92.8 x 2 x 4 > x 2.2 x 1.15 x 1.3 = 79915019259  Turn 6: < 4783^2 x 63 x 3.445 + 4783^2 x 92.8 x 2 x 4 > x 2.2 x 1.15 x 1.3 = 72190523740  Turn 7: 4783^2 x ( 130 x 2.4 ) x 3.9445 x 2.2 x 1.15 x 1.3 = 92600043274  Turn 8: < 4783^2 x 30 x 3.445 + 4783^2 x 92.8 x 2 x 4 > x 2.2 x 1.15 x 1.3 = 63636552193  Turn 9: < 4783^2 x 92.8 x 3.445 + 4783^2 x 92.8 x 2 x 4 > x 2.2 x 1.15 x 1.3 = 79915019259  Turn 10: 4783^2 x ( 130 x 2.4 ) x 3.9445 x 2.2 x 1.15 x 1.3 = 92600043274 Average Turn 1-10: 69,099,512,095 -> 123% of Rain -Neo Vision-'s Damage ( 56,143,626,895 ) -> 121% of Cloud (FFVII REMAKE)'s Damage ( 57,334,002,032 ) -> 118% of NV Lasswell's Damage ( 58,610,034,955 ) -> 108% of NV Cloud's Damage ( 63,896,292,660 ) 


Character Design: 7/10
Sprite: 9.5/10
Chainer: 8.5/10
Trust Master Reward: 9/10
STMR: 8/10
Vision Card: 9.5/10
Arena: 8.5/10
Limit Burst: 9/10
Future Proof: 6.5~7/10
Dark Visions: 7.5/10
Free 2 Play: 8/10
Pay 2 Play: 8.5/10
Personal Rating: 8/10
Optimal Rating: 8.5/10




Awakened Dragon Akstar looks cool, has another interesting TDH to TDW mode swapping concept but doesn't work out as well as they might have intended.
First up: his damage is great. While he lacks behind in the burst damage meta, his average damage is very high and has a lot of potential with teams revolving around LB damage, but can be harder to gear because of having to focus on TDH, LB damage and Killers. Usually TDW units have an easier time doing that.
His overall unit design failed though as you don't want to stay in his Brave Shift form at all because… it's bad. If we only had the Brave Shift form and nothing else, he'd be pretty bad. Other than buffing yourself up at the start, he would downgrade on his damage super hard. His modifiers are worse, his Limit Burst damage goes down and he loses the passive and he swaps his 200% TDH for 150% TDW without having the 6x chain capped. All while being locked to ice.
Other than that, going for him is a good thing because of his massive 100 ATK Vision Card with a potential 100~120% ATK with the correct weapon. The TMR is a neat price on top of it.


GLEX NV, let's hope for not being overly complicated again! Please!!!


Memel0rd out​


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