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Unit Review: Cetra Descendant Aerith

Hey everyone.

I want to preface this review with one important note: I haven’t done the (new) math on the physical dps yet because I got 4 exams coming up next week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday). I had to cut something from this week and that was the easiest one to make. So, for the damage comparison we will be looking at magic dps only but starting next week, I will merge magic and physical dps into one list. As you might’ve guessed by the exam schedule, my Tifa review won’t be out before Friday (evening).

If you guys have any suggestions what to improve or change in the new layout of the review, let me know! For those of you who watch my videos: The reviews won’t be changed because I keep it DV-centric there.

Cetra Descendant Aerith Overview

Base Form CD Aerith is a Holy nuker and our best stat buffer yet. Her Holy ability consumes MP and translates it into 1x modifier per MP spent. Aka: 2000 MP = 2000x mod. But don’t go overboard because killers still matter. Her LB buffs stats by 400%, amps light by 45% (Noctis approves!) and imbues everyone with light, too. Furthermore adds 250% undispellable LB damage, which is nice but we got Zidane’s STMR covering that part at 300%. Still pretty great LB nonetheless. At EX+2, CD Aerith unlocks her 35% Rod Imperil (bye bye Relm) and 100% AoE Human/Machina Killer. The latter ain’t the best but it’s honest work.

In Brave Shift Red XIII joins the fray and they become a Fire Tag chainer. She amps fire (P/M) by 30% for the party and imbues said element, too. Her Brave Shifted LB is just 95x TAG chainer (15 hits) with 400% Stats and 250% LB increase again. It’s nice but you’re probably better off using her regular TAG chain by Q-Casting for your other cappers to cap.

Other notable things: Starts at max LB (if leveled up), has 50% P/M mitigation and Dispelga. Scales off of SPR in Base, sadly, while being low on Base SPR. Has 5x cap in Base but doesn’t need 6x cap to work the best. Same for Brave but it’s easier to gear for 6x cap and killers.

TMR & STMR Evaluation

TMR is good, very good even. 40% MAG & SPR, 50% Human & Machina Killer (P/M) is nice just sweet. I like that it’s even usable by Shui Yu. Her STMR on the other hand is crazy levels of strong but it all comes down to the FF7R crew (only the good guys though) who really make the best use of it because it provides 500 static ATK/MAG/SPR/HP. I’d argue the Accessory isn’t even that good for Cloud anyway because of it’s low 48 ATK. At 68 MAG/SPR it is pretty sweet but sadly behind existing MAG-pieces (Heliolite and Cursed Doll+). The static stuff really makes a difference. Outside FF7R, it’s just a meh STMR for MAG users and a good one for SPR users (7 Star Aerith’s STMR is still superior in most cases).

Vision Card Evaluation

While the card itself is good, it’s actually not best in slot per se for CD Aerith. When build for Holy meme damage, she wants Yoshikiri’s card for that sweet sweet SPR TDH. Technically speaking, CD Aerith’s card is great for Shui Yu and/or Ibara, though the latter one really wants Louise’s card for the higher Base MAG. I guess you could make a case for CD Aerith when TAG chaining in Brave Shift and that’s fine. But then again, Louise’s card has more Base MAG and should thus be better all around. IMO: CD Aerith’s card does not warrant the EX+3 unlock at all and should’ve been a standard Level 1-10 card like any other so far.

Damage Comparison

Before we get to the numbers, I want to point out that I shuffled gear around and updated every single Mage for new best in slot with the latest gearing. That’s why some numbers will now be a lot higher than they were before. We’re also using Aerith’s LB now to further boost MAG to 400% as a baseline from now on. Her Brave Shifted LB does the trick here without imbuing your team with unwanted elements.


  • 90% SPR Break
  • 400% MAG buff
  • 300% LB buff
  • 45% Water Amp & 25% Water Imperil Field
  • 30% Fire Amp, 25% Fire Amp Field (not for Terra!)
  • 45% Light Amp, 25% Light Imperil Field (may be too unrealistic because … Nyx)
  • We’re facing a 22.5k SPR Boss with 60% passive SPR, 60% Ele Resistance
  • Varying amounts of killers depending on gearing, 150% killer buff to adjust for evocation
  • 135% Fire Imperil, 160% Water Imperil (135%+25%), 145% Light Imperil (120% + 25%)
  • Sword/Rod/Gun Imperils (Note: Terra has 30% weapon imperil total due to mixed weapons)


I want to explicitly mention here: Me including an alternative build is an exception! The reason I’m doing this is that Sinzar pointed out that most people did not spend/pull for Sakura & Ayaka at the time they got released. Of course, I could do a build that is for the top 1% of the top 1% who got the STMR but a more approachable build would be to use Base 7 Star Aerith STMR. We got news that CD Aerith’s STMR stacks, so instead of using 7 Star Aerith STMR, we’re gonna use 2 of her own STMRs now.

Results at EX+3:

ViviCD Aerith (Sayaka)CD Aerith (2xSTMR)LunafreyaLouiseTerra

Both Cetra Aerith and Vivi kind of need either Steiner or Carbuncle (enough for Aerith but not for Vivi!) for this to work in order to maximum reflect damage. Also keep in mind that Aerith's multiple reflected hits tend to break the chain, which is why I calc'd it at 10x (if you squeeze in Lightning STMR it's 11x). The numbers are awesome though and if we were to get a good Light DPS with 130% Imperil to Light, CD Aerith jumps in damage ahead of Vivi (although just very, very slightly). Considering Aerith is just another support unit this perfectly shows the magnitude of powercreep we are witnessing right now. Things will get even more elevated next week when we take a closer look at Tifa. And boy is this going to get ugly for Zidane and the others. Anyway, here’s the usual picture with a few more details.

Aerith scales exceptionally well with MP, but less so with SPR sadly. NV Freesia’s STMR in the future will be a great addition for her nonetheless (200% SPR TSW, unconditional). Haven’t done math on it though because it’s not relevant for GL now.

Content viability

CriteriaClash of WillsDark VisionsTrials
DPSGood in theory, worse the more Morale-based units get releasedWill be used predominantly as TAG chainerVery good due to high burst and easy setup
Stat-Support400% Stats done by Morale, Fire/Light probably not relevant for a whileExcellentExcellent
Tank-SupportWD Ling is betterlol tanks?Not relevant, WD Ling is better
ChainerTAG is not good enoughExcellentExcellent
KillersToo littleToo littleToo little but probably sufficient
Shelf-lifeShortUntil >400% Stat buffs arriveDepends (see below)

Regarding her shelf-life in Trials: It highly depends on what the trial wants you to do. She is basically useless for most of Amon for example. She’s good for Asura or Bahamut. She’ll be basically useless for the last remaining Trial that is potentially coming in August. Btw: This is one of the reasons I didn’t originally want to include trials at all in reviews because they just can’t be generalized on a large scale, unlike Dark Visions. But let’s say CD Aerith should be very good for most of the Trials in the game and will handle them with ease unless the fight is gimmicky.

Should you pull? Nah, she is a free unit up to EX+2 and that is more than enough. She gains nothing from EX+3 other than a bit more stats and her “kind of whatever” VC. Her viability in the next Clash of Whales will be basically zero because we just had a Fire/Light challenge, and I personally don’t see them repeating these elements. If they do though, well, that’ll be an easy cap (maybe).




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