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Unit Review: Chorale

Edit: Had a mistake in Chorale's build. Fixed with new picture.

Hey everyone.

Let’s check out the latest unit we’ve got. To not make this a wall of text, I will split the unit reviews into two separate ones. My Diverti review will most likely be done by tomorrow. Got some errands to run later today. Small spoiler: Diverti is far better but still bad all things considered.

Chorale Overview

Chorale’s Base form is pure trash to say the least. 80% breaks for 3 turns only or a 87% DEF break on his LB for 2 turns only. That’s not going to cut it. 100% Demon Killer on cooldown isn’t the greatest either. The only thing he’s worth looking into is as an Arena troll unit because his auto attack hits all enemies.

The Brave Shift is a tad better but still miles behind anything we’ve gotten lately. Main gimmick is his stackable Shadow Whip Spiral, which is a dark locked 200x mod hit after stacking it twice. It’s a good one when paired with his 4 uses per battle grandis (250x mod).

TMR & STMR Evaluation

Chorale’s TMR is the best thing about him IMO. 20% lightning/water/light/dark resistance is pretty sweet for Dark Visions or Trial resistance tetris. Add the 50% Demon Killer (P/M) on top and you’ve got yourself a very nicely done TMR. No complaints here. I like it.

I’m torn on the STMR to be honest. It’s dark locked and the variance is okay at 1.05 to 1.55x. The attack stat on the other hand is just good for a 2H weapon. 185 is high for a whip, don’t get me wrong. In fact, it is the highest ATK whip in the game. It’s just that the alternative – going TDW – is better. And for 9 less ATK you could use Fast Lash (Yego STMR) and be a little bit more flexible with elements. But then again: All of Chorale’s main abilities are dark anyway soooooo … no point to.

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Vision Card Evaluation

His Vision Card provides 80% when wearing a whip and 20% on top for just being an FFBE unit. He also gains 50% LB damage. If you are using his STMR, the vision card is great as it is Base 110 ATK. If you are not using a whip – which is preferred – you will never use his Vision Card. Double edged sword, because his passives revolve around him using a Whip. More on that in the next segment, tho!

Potential Builds & Damage Calculations

Here’s the full gearing setup: Gearing. In case you’re wondering why Lassgen is the only one not build towards Dragons: If I did that, he’d be better than Elrics and people would be up in arms. So I made this just as unfair to them as I did towards the rest of the contestants. Since Chorale only can wear Whips innately, we're needing 2 slots to a.) make him a TDW unit and b.) give him the option to equip Swords. And yet he's better off using that.

If you want to play around with the builder and the gearing to check for your options: Here’s the builder link.


  • 90% DEF Break
  • 300% ATK buff
  • 300% LB buff for everyone (yeah, it’s broken currently … let’s just hypothetically assume it’s not)
  • 22.5k SPR DV boss with 60% passive SPR, 60% Ele Resistance
  • Best possible amount of Killers (varying amounts) & we’re buffing 150% Killer to adjust towards the Evokers (not used here but I just copy-pasted)
  • 130% Wind/Dark Imperil/120% Light imperil for Noctis
  • 25% Sword Imperil, 10% Dagger Imperil, 0% Whip Imperil (Chorale TDH be sad)
  • 104% total Wind amps for those who are not locked to elements. 74% for Noctis, 76% for Chorale (assuming Vinera’s 25% amp instead of his own 20%)
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Here are the results at EX+3 shown in millions:

Chorale TDH Chorale TDW Chorale TDW LB Zidane Ardyn Noctis Elrics Lassgen
422.62 444.08 470.54 2381.35 1686.89 1673.95 987.67 948.47

If you’d like to see a screenshot with a few more details, here it is: Picture of it.

As you can see, Chorale really doesn’t do much. He is a breaker I’d say but with just 87% DEF in his kit and nothing else of value, he’s still bad. Kafetiria does it better, so much better (I am aware that she’s a mage). I also want to mention that I am primarily comparing a chainer to LB finishers. Even when taking into account his LB, it’s still looking very grim.

How does he fare in the meta?

From my point of view, Chorale has no place in the meta. If you want a chainer for Dark Visions, use Bartz to make everyone a chainer at your disposal. Or use TAG Chainers so you can cap your limit bursts more easily without the need for a macro. Chorale’s breaks are bad. 80% general stuff is just soooo 7* it’s not even funny anymore. Yeah, he’s got that 87% break which is cool and all. But we already have Kafetiria and Vinera, the latter one having a 90% DEF break. His place in the meta is the literal troll pull. Also: Chorale has a very limited equipment pool to work with, mainly with weapon types.

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Should you pull?

Do yourself and your Lapis stash a favour and skip. You’ll eventually get him from an off-banner, get his TMR and be done with him.




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