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Unit Review: Cobalt Blade Noctis

Hey everyone!

Azure Blade Noctis, excuse me, COBALT Blade Noctis got finally released and I’m suuuuper hyped about him. Within 12 on banner pulls, I drew one and got a 2nd via Pity. It is what it is, not the best pulls considering I only got 1 NV but not complaining! So let’s check out the Prince of Lucis. I will mention this here: This is focusing on Dark Visions! Keep that in mind when I’m discussing his optimal rotation.

CB Noctis Overview

In his Base Form, CB Noctis is just another Chainer that really doesn’t do very much. He can buff all Stats by 250% for the entire Party whilst also buff himself with 150% Reaper killer. Keep in mind we’re at a stage in DV where you don’t really wanna bring MM Xon for final bosses anymore to squeeze out just a little bit more damage. The best part about his base form is the 25% Sword Imperil upon using his LB, which thankfully is available on Turn 1 immediately. The buffs to CB Noctis are very strong and make him the top dog for weeks, if not months to come.

In his Brave Shift, CB Noctis enjoys the best of both Dragoon worlds. Due to his buffs, he not only has a base 100x Warp-Strike mod (Attack is Light-locked!). He also lands on the very next turn! This enables him to finish off stuff far more efficient and esp. quicker than Edgar and the likes. He’s also able to buff his already strong jump attack by another 6x mod but that’s probably a DV only thing as it takes away one turn of potential damage in a sustained damage rotation. He’s also able to amp light by 20% (kinda low’ish if you’re asking me) and imperil light by 120% on a 5 uses per battle Grandis ability that also hits pretty hard for a chain at 100x mod. His brave shifted LB hits hard at 125x mod (no element attached) so you technically could use him as a LB chainer (6 hits) but I’d advise not to do so as he is a Dragoon first and foremost.

TMR/STMR Evaluation

Noctis TMR is a 1 H Sword with 162 ATK, 100% Jump Damage and 10% P/M Light Amp. While the Attack Base is kinda meh, the rest of it is actually pretty good. Now I wouldn’t use this as a main source of weapon for Edgar, probably (maybe?), but as a source of Light Amp, this is working out quite well. We’ve all been kind of using Brumal Cores on Edgar – well, some have in DV – and we now do have another source for that, which is always appreciated. The weapon on it’s own isn’t really that special and if your main focus isn’t Dark Vision, you may aswell skip it. That is: Unless you’re severely lacking Jump Damage gear (though the jump stuff is limited to FFXV units).

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The STMR on the other hand is plain and simple: Best in Slot. At 57 ATK, this is already the highest ATK Cloth-piece we got in the game. But to add, this also provides 50% Light Resistance AND 50% Reaper Killer (P), while conveniently adding another 100% Jump damage on top of things. Totally busted for Dragoons and absurdly good for literally every Phys. DPS out there. If you have enough STMR moogles: You probably should get at least one copy of this. Straight powercreep vs Mystical Ice Lasswell STMR and boy is that powercreep real this time.

Vision Card Evaluation

The best comparison for CB Noctis’s VC is: Think Riku’s VC but … equal. Haha. No seriously. At 110 ATK at level 10 with 80% ATK% from Level 4+7 passives (Sword required), this is absolutely on par with Riku KH3’s Vision Card. The difference is only noticeable at level 10, where FFXV units gain 50% Jump Damage as well as 50% Fire & Dark Resistance. The latter is kind of my personal favourite as it might come in very handy for Dark Visions resistance tetris, allowing Noctis/Ardyn to skip resistances through the VC.

In general: If you’ve missed Riku’s VC, you’re getting it’s match right here! Ardyn has the same VC with different element resistances, btw.

Example Build (Brave Shift only)

Weapon 1: Ultimate Blade (FFXV) +4 via Chronicle Battle

Weapon 2: Ultimate Blade (FFXV) +4 via Chronicle Battle

Head: Chocopro’s Hat++

Chest: Kingly Rainment (his own STMR)

Accessory 1: Warlord Leg Guards

Accessory 2: Warlord Leg Guards

Materia 1: Memories of Ragnarok

Materia 2: Dragoon’s Wisdom

Materia 3-4: Free materia slots to use

VC: The Cure for Insomnia (own VC)

Esper: Whichever is needed

With this, you’re guaranteed to get 800% Jump Damage, max ATK%, max TDW% and about 7k ATK in total after a 300% ATK buff from either himself or outside sources. He himself reaches about 5.8k ATK on his own. Now, this is a somewhat expensive build, I understand, and takes quuuiiiteee some time to farm both CPN STMRs at +4. This is just to show what might be the best possible example build. Noctis is very easy to gear for killers and if need be, you can exchange one of the Warlord Guard Legs for another Killer.

His rotation (Max Damage Dark Visions):

Turn 1: LB in Base

Turn 2: Brave Shift > Armiger, Return of Dawn, Warp Light

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Turn 3: Armiger Charge, Armiger Charge+, Armiger Charge++

Turn 4: Warp-strike

Turn 5: Land

Should you face a Reaper boss, you can delay his Base LB (Sword Imperil) and use the reaper killer buff on turn 1, which MM Xon copies and then spreads once necessary. For any time you’re asked to dispel, Xon can just hide, which also implies that someone else has to be on passive provoke evasion duty – but since everyone has access to Moogle Charm now (finally!), this shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Outside of DV, one can argue that skipping his Mod boosts/Buffs is the best way and you’d be correct. Skipping his buffs & mod boosts allows him to fit in one more Jump.

Damage Calculations

Please take a look at this screenshot as it is important to understand where all these numbers are coming from. One important note here: The builder at the time of making this content (Wednesday) wasn’t updated and it didn’t account for the 350 ATK (static) that Noctis gains from equipping a second CPN STMR. He actually does though. Please also keep in mind that this is using Riku’s VC, which also implies that he’s missing out on 50% Jump Damage but I’ve calced them in. I used Riku’s VC because it provides the exact same amount of Base ATK and 80% ATK% with a sword, just like Noctis’s own VC. Both Edgar and Noctis are build against a human type enemy, both at 275% killers. Nobody does it better in this regard.

A few assumptions:

  • 90% Breaks
  • 300% ATK buff
  • 45% Wind amp for Edgar, 32.5% amps in total for Noctis (halved wind amp, halved Light amp)
  • We’re facing a 19k DEF DV Boss with 60% passive DEF, 60% Ele Resistance
  • 150% Killer buff is applied (say via Cleostar in our case)
  • 130% Imperil (125% actually for Noctis)
  • Spear and Sword Imperil at 25%

Here are the results (avg damage done):

Unit EX+1 EX+2 EX+3
Edgar 446m 475m 496m
Noctis 621m 707m 763m

If you’d like to see a screenshot that has far more data included, here it is: Picture of it

Or in relative numbers:

Noctis is 39% / 49% / 54% stronger than Edgar with the aforementioned equipment. Keep in mind that the results may vary upon changing gear!

Huge shoutout to /u/tzxsean for giving me access to his damage calculation spreadsheet. Thank you very much and also thank you very much for helping me doing this stuff in the last couple of days.

How does he fare in the meta?

Unsurprisingly, Cobalt Blade Noctis – esp due to the Global buffs – mops the floor with Edgar. That said, there are some caveats to this. You’ll have to spend quite some time to farm the Ifrit Insignias, you need 2 Crown Prince Noctis STMR to begin with and you’re going to need quite a few STMRs to make this work. However, if you do have good STMRs, Noctis will at bare minimum eclipse Edgar by 20% (that’s at least what my calcs have shown when I’m not using many STMRs).

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*Should you pull? *

That entirely depends on you, to be honest. There’s 3 things to consider: Do you have 2 CPN STMRs? Do you want to farm for roughly 5 hours to fully upgrade both weapons? Does it not bother you that Dragoons will fade out of the meta within the next 2 DV cycles (as in: they’re relevant for April and May)? If the answers are: Yes, Yes, no – go for it. If you’d have to honestly answer two out of these questions with no, I wouldn’t pull if I were you. Edgar is still very good and his spear imperil is easy to work with, so if you’ve succeeded this far, you can skip Noctis. But skipping the only (well, Ardyn also has it but … yeah, he’s not out yet) Sword imperil in the game might bite you later down the line. 25% is huge.

Some closing comments: Thank you guys for your feedback last week. As you can see, I did my best to include the feedback. From trivial things such as the name of this thread to the more complicated things such as the damage calculations and comparisons. I hope this is helpful and I’d love to read your opinion on Cobalt Blade Noctis. If anything is wrong, don’t hesitate to point it out – I’ll gladly check it out and adjust things! Have a great weekend and best of luck should you decide to pull!



P.S.: Let's hope I didn't mess up formatting this thing. First time using tables and such on reddit.


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