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Unit Review: Diverti

Hey everyone.

Chorale is bad but what about the Droid attack on the Wookiees Diverti? We shall find out in this review!

Diverti Overview

Diverti is trying to be a magic tank in his base form but ultimately fails to be sufficient in that regard. While he has 75% general mitigation and 75% magical mitigation, his cover mitigation is still stuck in the 7 Star era at 55-65%, meaning 60% on average. That’s not going to cut it these days. He is a SPR scaling LB chainer in base with an imbuable 100x physical typed magic attack. Sounds good on paper but look at the numbers below and you’ll be greatly disappointed.

In his Brave Shift, Diverti is an Earth Evocation LB chainer. He can also – for some weird reason – chain Dark Evocation at CW frames. But he has no dark imperil. Gumi at their best.

TMR & STMR Evaluation

His TMR is quite good. While I laughed at the 25% LB damage, it is an appreciated part of the whole as it also provides 50% TDW SPR, which is quite rare. Thus: Good one! We are in dire need of more TDW and especially TDH SPR. Give us more!

His STMR is good on himself. While the 164 MAG isn't that good (Ibara has 180, but she is time limited), the 164 SPR is pretty decent (Dashing Setzer has 167 SPR) and the added 50% LB boost makes this a good Throwing Weapon in general. But then again: Nobody uses Throwing Weapons unironically. Fun fact: The only unit to imperil Throwing Weapons is Locke and his imperil also increases EARTH resistances of the enemy by 100%, which funnily enough is Diverti's LB element. I guess the perfect dispel of Locke comes into play here. Still kind of ironic.

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Vision Card Evaluation

It’s Chorale’s Vision Card and utterly useless on Diverti. In fact, if you’re using Throwing Weapons exclusively, you will have a very bad time with Vision Cards.

Potential Builds & Damage Calculations

Here’s the full gearing setup: Gearing. Pretty straight forward this time around. Please keep in mind: Kaktiria is using Upgrade Package to be able to use Rods, which is a taxing requirement for many. Same applies to that one build of Diverti.

If you want to play around with the builder and the gearing to check for your options: Here’s the builder link.


  • 90% SPR Break
  • 300% MAG/SPR buff
  • 300% LB buff for everyone (yeah, it’s broken currently … let’s just hypothetically assume it’s not)
  • 22.5k SPR DV boss with 60% passive SPR, 60% Ele Resistance
  • Best possible amount of Killers (varying amounts) & we’re buffing 150% Killer to adjust towards the Evokers (not used here but I just copy-pasted)
  • 135% Earth/Water Imperil, 130% Fire/Wind Imperil
  • 25% Sword & Throwing Weapon Imperil, 35% Rod Imperil
  • 104% total Wind amp for Diverti Base Form LB, 50% for Kaktiria, 38% Terra, Luna, Chorale Brave Shift LB

Diverti Mixed = Lunafreya STMR + own STMR for those of you not looking at the gearing picture.

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Here are the results at EX+3 shown in millions:

Diverti (Throwing Weapon) Diverti (Mixed) Diverti Base LB Kaktiria Lunafreya Terra
597.71 592.17 449.23 485.58 949.89 875.31

If you’d like to see a screenshot with a few more details, here it is: Picture of it.

Diverti does not fare well at all as can be seen. One of the reasons is his low MAG stat. 6193 at best vs the 7k or even 8.4k of Terra/Luna is looking quite old. This solidifies the assumption that Diverti probably was meant to be one of the first NV units. He’d be perfect to introduce the NV era. But nowadays he’s just … here to bloat the NV pool. The other reason for his bad performance is that he can’t reliably reach 300% Evo MAG or 300% Evo DMG. Both Luna and Terra have much higher values in general in that regard.

How does he fare in the meta?

Maybe Diverti will shine for some boss in the future that is like omega weak to Earth? But even then I’d assume that Lunafreya will out-dps him by a fair margin. Might be a close call for Terra but still. From the numbers he’s too far behind our evocation girls and with no decent vision card, he’ll forever be a headache to build. The bad choice of weapon types (he innately can only wear throwing weapons) is a bad starting point. And don’t get me started on his magic tanking capabilities. As a 7 Star magic tank he’d be pretty good, but as a NV magic tank he’s just a laughingstock compared to NV Snow, Melia, or Faisy.

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Should you pull?

Do yourself and your Lapis stash a favour and skip. You’ll eventually get him from an off-banner and then bench him forever.




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