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Unit Review: Firion -Neo Vision- (Final Fantasy II)

Content of the article: "Unit Review: Firion -Neo Vision- (Final Fantasy II)"

My schedule is a hot mess that has to be fixed ASAP.

In four days I'll turn 22! Yey. And for that, a small update from my side:

Within the last week, I had to do a lot of extremely exhausting tasks.
Had to help a flatmate move out and move his entire stuff and since we're in the highest floor with no elevator… was fun.
Then had to carry out our old laundry machine and get a new one. Which we had to carry up to our apartment.
Had to move old furniture for my landlord, had to clean my entire fridge and throw out a ton of shit saved up by the flatmate that moved out.
And yeah I did party on Saturday so hard that I slept 20 hours on Sunday. Can't say I regret it.

Either way, throughout the next weeks I want to work on the reviews on Fridays and Saturdays again, they'd fit nicely due to me streaming Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Let's get back on track. I'll try to make a post about Elena and NVA Loren soon-ish, too, but probably cut down on text.

Unit Review: (CG) NV Firion Firion -Neo Vision- (CG) NV Firion (BS) by Memel0rd


Trust Master Reward : Thorns of the Rose (Materia) – Increase ATK (60%) when equipped with a bow
Increase ATK (30%) when equipped with a sword
Increase ATK (30%) when equipped with an axe
Increase ATK (30%) when equipped with a spear

STMR : Firion's Bow (Bow) – 180 ATK, 50% LB Damage, 100% TDH, 50% Bird Killer, 2-Handed

Vision Card : Battle with Black Knights
Lvl 1~10: 50~90 ATK
Lvl 4: 20% ATK w/ Sword, Axe, Spear ; 40% ATK w/ Bow
Lvl 7: 20% ATK w/ Sword, Axe, Spear ; 40% ATK w/ Bow
Lvl 10: Guts w/ FFII unit



Firion's NV is staying true to the nature of his origins: extremely simple. And that's fine, he still shares his unique traits that he had in the past in almost every regard.

His base stats are overall great. He has high HP, AT, DEF and SPR, nothing really to complain. And he doesn't gain weird MAG/SPR boosts when equipped with Rods or Staves! Instead, with the build I posted, he has a total of 230% innately. With IW enhancements he can easily cap his ATK (in-fact, he could've had more ATK in my build, but it'd only be a tiny bump up). He gains more ATK passives depending on the weapon type you equip. While his TMR and VC atk boosts align with each other, his passive gets rid off the axe and spear boosts while including large swords instead. Idk why.
He also has 200% innate TDW with 150% beast killer, 75% human, stone, plant and demon killer as well as 50% dragon, insect, bird and machine. This makes it a lot easier for him to get close to the killer cap without having to use up slots, especially against multi-type enemies.
His defensive stats alongside TDW can get high even though the innate 90% HP, 60% DEF and 50% SPR aren't too impressive at first.

Firion can T-Cast all of his abilities even though a bunch are not really impressive.
He can unlcok a variety of abilities with Arms Release or his Limit Burst and none of them are of any use unless you really want to chain with AMoE instead of Stardust Ray. They all have lower modifiers with minor side effects such as 10% HP restore or 100% paralyze inflict, while his on-demand chain heals the entire party's HP by 12%.

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As long as he has a sword or bow equipped, you can use his 500% break damage ability with T-Cast to quickly wiggle down those annoying break gauges.

In terms of buffs, Firion is very self-efficient. On Turn 1, through Falling / Rising Winds of Fynn as well as his CD ability, Watchword (5 turn cooldown), you can get Firion a 300% ATK buff, wind imbue and 120% imperil super easily.
Watchword will also unlock Bolting Strike chains for the entire party, though that's much much better in his Brave Shift form.

His two on-demand chains are similar in strength. Sword Fighter is the weaker version but reliably fills 8 LB per cast. After 2 turns of using it, you can get his LB up to full, though we don't need that at all in his normal form.
His Blood weapon has an innate 7600% modifier and after both mod boosts, 8600%. The cool part about it is that a T-Casted version heals 36% of your party's HP with 12% each. Use another copy of Firion and you'll have 72%. It can make for more interesting party building by ditching your healer.

His second CD ability, Fynn Briar II, is up every other turn and is a backloaded 7700% ~ 9700% chain. The 200% LB fillrate buff is not the reason why we're using it.

His normal form has a pretty minor Grandis ability that's quite likely to be useless. If it does apply, you can buff his own beast killer by 100% for 3 turns twice in a fight.

We're only using his Limit Burst to gain more burst damage while chaining. In terms of average damage it's worse and the Limit Burst itself is also weak due to not being able to be capped and Firion lacking LB damage passives.


Brave Shift:

Firion not only goes from his Dissidia design to his alternative Dissidia design, but he swaps roles: from chainer to finisher. Though without his STMR he's definitely not as strong as he could be.

In terms of stats, he hardly changes. A bit less DEF for a bit more SPR, that's about it. More importantly however is him swapping his beast killers with bird killers. This affects the 100% passive and the Grandis ability, ramping it up to a 150% killer buff even while boosting LB damage by 100%, too.
Couple that with his STMR and you can have an innate 200% bird killer with a 150% bird killer buff.
Instead of having 200% innate TDW with a 6x chain cap, he now has… 100% TDW with 200% TDH, not sure why they left that TDW in.

It's quite apparent that they really want you to use his STMR in his Brave Shift form. He gains TDH, he gains LB damage, gains a ton of Bird killer… his Bow grants all of that, too.

Similar to his normal version, Firion can set himself up extremely quickly. He swaps out his two wind imperil and imbue abilities for one non-damaging Light imbue that also imperils Light. But you can easily use external ones, too, he isn't locked to any element.

If you can handle the LB filling part without using Sword Fighter, on off-turns you could use Rebellion Against the Empire, which after its own boost is an on-demand 8500% finisher. While not super impressive, it can definitely keep up the damage decently.

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The Limit Burst itself is pretty expensive with 42 crysts, but the damage and ease of use is definitely appreciated. It has a base 11000% modifier and considering Firion can grant the entire party chains, has a huge self ATK buff, a ton of good killers and imbues + imperils, you can slap him onto any party and are pretty likely walking away with a good damaging finisher.


How does he fare in the meta?

Firion has a good spot in the current meta.

As a chainer he's very close to Akstar while having the advantage of being TDW, thus having easier access to killers, while also having a ton of innate killers against popular enemy types. Combined with the respective Espers, he can hit the killer cap consistently.

Firion doesn't focus on burst damage as a chainer per se but still has a high amount of damage back to back to back while also getting it fairly early.
For being able to have so many killers, he's a great candidate for Dark Visions as his highest damage chains are ST. He'd perform even better on multi-type enemies, though you won't really see that in DV.

As a finisher he will not be stronger than Tifa in every match up, but will get close with his STMR against non-humans that he has killers against. While Tifa only has aquatics and human innate killers, you have to take into account that a well geared Tifa will easily cap ATK and somewhat easily (/get close) caps LB damage, so she still has a lot of ways to gear for Killers. The advantage in this case is that you don't have to slot in specific units that support Firion since he can do most of the stuff himself.
Though he can gain more. He can get a 150% external LB damage buff, he can get an external element damage up from e.g. Yoshikiri, too.

He's doing well in both chainer and finisher rankings currently even though the latter is kinda gated by his STMR.

His TMR is kinda meh-ish. Even at its best, it grants 60% ATK but only for specific weapon types while there are many ATK materias that just give flat 60% ATK. Why is an NV's TMR worse than e.g. an older 7* (Cloud AC)? It's strictly worse.
His STMR for future Bow users and himself as a finisher is absolutely amazing and one of the best TDH weapons. It has almost everything you want. Huge ATK, grants 100% TDH and 50% LB damage while having the amazing bow variance. I mean, if you can get and use it properly, I would definitely upgrade him to EX+2 for it.
Battle with the Black Knights is a generic ATK focused VC that can be slapped onto a lot of different units, but it'll always be worse than other, more specific ATK focused Vision Cards as long as you don't rely on the guts passive.


Build + Maths:

Normal Build:

Brave Shift Build:

Firion -Neo Vision- Damage ATK post 300% buff: 5105 ATK post 150% buff: 4430 Assuming spark chains Rotation:  Turn 1: The Watchword + Rising Winds of Fynn + Falling Winds of Fynn  Turn 2: Fynn Briar II + Blood Weapon x2  Turn 3: Blood Weapon x3  Turn 4: Fynn Briar II + Blood Weapon x2  Turn 5: Limit Burst  Turn 6: The Watchword + Rising Winds of Fynn + Falling Winds of Fynn  Turn 7: Fynn Briar II + Blood Weapon x2  Turn 8: Blood Weapon x3  Turn 9: Fynn Briar II + Blood Weapon x2  Turn 10: Blood Weapon x3  Turn 1: 5105^2 x 46 x 5.5575 + 5105^2 x 34 x 6 x 1.6 = 15168689296  Turn 2: < 5105^2 x ( 12 x 4.3175 + 75 x 6 ) + 5105^2 x 81 x 2 x 6 > x 2.2 = 84499798361  Turn 3: < 5105^2 x 81 x 5.5575 + 5105^2 x 81 x 2 x 6 > x 2.2 = 81538340755  Turn 4: < 5105^2 x ( 12 x 4.3175 + 75 x 6 ) + 5105^2 x 81 x 2 x 6 > x 2.2 = 84499798361  Turn 5: 4430^2 x 95 x 1.325 x 2.2 = 5434625432  Turn 6: 5105^2 x 46 x 5.5575 + 5105^2 x 34 x 6 x 2.2 = 18358558756  Turn 7: < 5105^2 x ( 17 x 4.3175 + 80 x 6 ) + 5105^2 x 86 x 2 x 6 > x 2.2 = 90897584541  Turn 8: < 5105^2 x 86 x 5.5575 + 5105^2 x 86 x 2 x 6 > x 2.2 = 86571571665  Turn 9: < 5105^2 x ( 17 x 4.3175 + 80 x 6 ) + 5105^2 x 86 x 2 x 6 > x 2.2 = 90897584541  Turn 10: < 4430^2 x 86 x 5.5575 + 4430^2 x 86 x 2 x 6 > x 2.2 = 86571571665 Average Turn 1-10: 64,443,812,337 -> 115% of Rain -Neo Vision-'s Damage ( 56,143,626,895 ) -> 112% of Cloud (FFVII REMAKE)'s Damage ( 57,334,002,032 ) -> 110% of NV Lasswell's Damage ( 58,610,034,955 ) -> 101% of NV Cloud's Damage ( 63,896,292,660 ) -> 93% of Awakened Dragon Akstar's Damage ( 69,099,512,095 ) 


Character Design: 7/10
Sprite: 9.5/10
Chainer: 9/10
Trust Master Reward: 6/10
STMR: 9/10
Vision Card: 8/10
Arena: 8/10
Limit Burst: 9/10
Future Proof: 7/10
Dark Visions: 8/10
Free 2 Play: 9/10
Pay 2 Play: 8/10
Personal Rating: 8/10
Optimal Rating: 8.5/10




Firion is a solid unit that focuses more on all-round usage as both a finisher and a chainer in the seperate forms.
They've done a good job as he'll still be a decent finisher in the future and is caught up on the meta right now, but he's not blasting through either ranking even with more additional set up and yet again fails to fully outshine a much easier unit to get, Tifa.
Unless you want to rock two finishers in Dark Visions or fail to properly set up Tifa, he likely won't find a spot on your team as both can easily get their LB out at Turn 2 while both having easy access to killers. Goes to show how ridiculous Tifa really is as the first NV and a free one for many, too.
If you appreciate easy to use finishers, perhaps Firion will find a spot in your heart.


Hope you enjoyed, now it's time to work out!


Memel0rd out​


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