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Unit Review: Yoshikiri (Final Fantasy Brave Exvius)

A shinobi and the Warrior of the Golden Crystal who appears in "Fundamental Forces," a graphic novel popular throughout the whole of Paladia. After Elena, the Warrior of the Azure Crystal, rescues him from certain peril, he vows to fight by her side forevermore. Now able to carry on as a shinobi thanks to the newly ignited spark within his heart, he sets off on a journey with Elena to protect the world.

Good Tuesday! Hope you've been active today!

One month left and then I'll turn 22, on the way of becoming a geezer. But today is not that day but the day of Yoshi's review. He's been talked about a lot and I've seen a ton of different hottakes on him. What's yours?

Unit Review: NV Yoshikiri Yoshikiri Yoshikiri (BS) by Memel0rd


Trust Master Reward : Seilan Shuriken (Throwing Weapon) – 40 ATK, 120 SPR, 40% SPR

STMR : Spirit of the Shinobi (Materia) – 80% SPR, 25% SPR TDH

Vision Card : Virtual Training:
Lvl 1-10: 50~100 SPR
Lvl 4: 20% SPR
Lvl 7: Ribbon
Lvl 10: 25% SPR TDH



When I'm talking about Yoshi, I'm not referring to Yoshi from Mario, even though the resemblence might strike you.

Yoshi's base stats are good, mostly shining with his oustandingly high SPR, while his HP and DEF are pretty good, too. Doesn't matter a ton in this form as we'll build for support anyway, so it's fine. His passives are quite mediocre though. 50% HP, 90% DEF and 160% SPR in total with his TMR equipped could be better but as a support the HP is quite easy to fix up. And hey, can't forget to mention his awesome 25% SPR TDH, better not overdo it.
His 75% human / machine killer in his normal form is pretty irrelevant, but with his innate 30% phys evasion and stuff like CG Vaan's STMR can be turned into an auto-provoke evader.

Yoshi can W-/T-Cast all of his abilities, though his access to T-Cast is limited to the start of the fight and after using one of his CD abilities, which funnily is also a really good one to start a fight with. With a whopping 7000 HP barrier and break, stop and charm immunity for 5 turns while maintaining your T-Cast afterwards for 3 turns? Great stuff. Due to the 5 turn cooldown you won't be able to maintain it.

Soaking up damage early on is one of the twenty different themes Yoshi goes for. For one turn you can mitigate all incoming physical damage by 50%, making it one of the strongest phys mitigations we have. Also 15% against human.
Need more protection against physical attacks? Give him another CD ability with a 5 turn cooldown! An AoE double mirage for everyone! That's not enough for you? Take that 230% all stat buff on top of that!
So if you really have a turn where you get overwhelmed by physical damage… well… 7000 HP barrier, 50% phys mitigation, 230% all stat buff and double mirage? To be fair, it's extremely overkill.

Wait… oh my god yes, you're so right, that's just not enough. Our tank needs MORE PHYSICAL MITIGATION.
On a 10 turn cooldown you can give your tank a tiny amount of physical mitigation for one turn. How much? 90%! Seriously, it's overkill. It also costs your entire LB gauge. Good chance you really don't use it at all.

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What isn't overkill is his AoE 30% HP reraise. I mean yes, it's a reraise but the amount of HP is so low that it's quite likely that if bosses attack consecutively, your unit(s) will die again. And frankly it's sad to say that this costs half his LB gauge. We're not getting introduced to Reraise. We had strong reraises 2 years ago.

But worry not, he also has stuff for offence and even though his Brave Shfit form does a better job at it, you can't multi-cast between forms in the same turns. And for that, his ST ice / water imbue can be neato. It also grants an AoE 120% ice or water resistance buff, which confused most of us at first because that's a huge resistance buff. Normally we have these as imperils.

In Dark Visions it's important to gear for the proper killer and having an AoE 110% human killer buff on-demand and seeing as humans are common in DV this is nice. And it's not only limited to physical killers, it buffs for both damage types!
You can also chain with Bolting Strike on him but it's an AoE chain, which can be an issue on occasion, but if you work with LB finishers that can only cast once, it's fine. Also fills 3~6 LB per turn for a total of 9-18.

Yoshi's normal grandis ability is an AoE 50% LB damage buff, which for a Grandis ability is weaksauce stuff as we have 50% LB damage buffs on many others and I have to correct myself from last week's review, we also have sources of 100% LB damage with units such as NV Rain's Limit Burst.

His Limit Burst is very unique and the reason why you won't use his 90% phys mitigation almost ever.
With an AoE 250% all stat buff, the break, stop and charm resistance and an actually strong 85% all ele resistance buff is unique in the sense of having the highest AoE stat buffs with the highest all ele resistance buff that lasts not only a turn but 5! Easily maintainable, too, due to the 5 turn duration.  

Brave Shift:

You know, how do we hype up a support unit? Right! Make them enter SSJ state for… what reason?

His BS form lasts infinitely and is available at Turn 1, but swapping isn't fully supported, which is sad as it would've made him a lot more versatile. You have to stay 2 turns in his BS form after swapping and if you swap back, you have to stay 3 turns in his normal form.

I mean, to be fair, not only does his SPR go up by a tad but he gains to decently strong SPR scaling chains with phys mechanics. All of his chains share the Bolting Strike family, which you can pair with a variety of other supports, such as MM Xon, SS Machina or can even pair him up with other mages such as BB Rem or WC Ace as both will hit the enemy's SPR and even though Yoshi's damage compared to our NV options is low, compared to the two 7* mages it's still strong.
His on-demand chain has a 9000% modifier and 10000% after his LB. The only reason why he isn't really competitive in terms of damage is his design choice. They could've given him SPR TDW similar to Chocobo Fina and the 6x chain cap or just higher SPR TDH. Sadly, an innate 25% SPR TDH doesn't do anything.

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In this form his 75% human and machine killer are actually useful, but his human physical mitigation and killer buffs swap from human to…. you guessed it, machine! So you have killers for both machine and human and while those killer numbers aren't necessarily as high as what MM Xon is able to steal, you also don't have to slot in another unit to actually steal them from.

Yoshi also does a great job supporting you against ice / water weak stages and trials. I mean he has an on-demand AoE 120% imperil + AoE imbue + 15% elemental damage boost for the specific element. They also chain at the same time, but once again, only AoE, which can be bothersome if you have multi-cast finishers.

You know what was super good? An AoE 30% HP Reraise on a 3 turn cooldown that costs half your LB gauge. What's even better? A ST 250% stat buff that costs 19 LB crysts. Also buffs his own SPR by 300%, but I wouldn't spend 19 crysts for that.

His Grandis ability makes him truly unique though. A one time AoE 150% LB damage buff that lasts a turn.
Now, currently it does extremely well on AD Akstar, so if you're using him, then Yoshi can be a massive powerspike for you. But most other NV units currently and in the future will have their own LB damage buff, even if it's only 100%. Both NV clouds have them, Tifa has an even stronger one. The upcoming NVA Loren can make great use of it, too, and despite being TDW can deal nutty damage with a TDH build.

His BS LB isn't as exciting as it combines several aspects of his kit just worse. 50% LB damage buff, 100% human / machine killer buff and some damage. Eh. I'd much rather use his normal mode LB.


How does he fare in the meta?

Yoshi fares semi-well.

He's a support unit that is heavily directed towards FTKO strategies or supporting you in Dark Visions and as a support, to make it into DV parties over another essential Damage Dealer, you have to bring a lot to the table that makes it worth it.
Hence why MM Xon is such a big damage boost in many cases for the ability to steal 150~200% killer buffs that make already strong finishers absolutely ridiculous.

Yoshi works extremely well in ice / water stages that are machine or human types, but that's extremely rare. Last DV had a total of seven stages with one being water / ice weak that's also human, so who knows. Give us Dark Ramuh again and you'll a happy boy.
Seriously though, in physical stages against human / machines he works pretty well alongside finishers that only cast once, even if his LB damage isn't being used.

He also works well on physical stages that favour ice / water damage for his AoE imbue, which can make it easier to bring 3-4 damage dealers without having to worry about imbues.

Even though it's not an extremely accurate comparison, in the future we will get an NV version of our old Yuraisha. And personally I feel like she is much better at a similar job.
She has an AoE 40 LB fill + 100% LB damage buff, an AoE debuff removal, AoE 60% phys / mag mitigation on her CD as well as an AoE 50% damage mitigation in one go while still spamming high HP barriers and has an on-demand 250% all stat buff that's AoE while her LB goes up to 280%. And the best part is, you don't have to whale without safety nets on her!

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His TMR is pretty poopy and won't be used on anyone except for him and his STMR is very disappointing. 80% SPR is great but SPR is really easy to cap on, sadly it's once again only another source of 25% SPR TDH. The worst part is that we already had a stronger SPR TDH STMR from a super old halloween unit.



Normal Build:

Brave Shift Build:


Character Design: 9/10
Sprite: 8/10
BS Sprite: 9/10
Buffer: 8/10
Chainer: 6/10
Trust Master Reward: 4/10
STMR: 7.5/10
Vision Card: 8/10
Arena: 7/10
Limit Burst: 8/10
Future Proof: 6.5/10
Dark Visions: 7.5/10
Free 2 Play: 9/10
Pay 2 Play: 7/10
Personal Rating: 7.5/10
Optimal Rating: 8/10




Yoshikiri is a mess on many levels.
Gumi tried to hype him up and tried to give him something out of everything to make the perfect unit for Dark Visions, but ended up creating a unit that they were too scared to make too strong.
You have overkill Turn 1 survivability. You have physical mechanics SPR scaling chains that have decently strong modifiers but get held back by the design choice of him being a SPR TDH chainer with a whopping innate 25% SPR TDH. The cap is 400% btw.
Even then, he could've dealt more damage but his Limit Burst is too weak on the base modifier for that while his active casts have an inconsistent T-Cast.
He's built to be an extremely strong unit in specific scenarios but the qualities that should make him strong outside of these situations fall quite flat and will most likely make him spend his time on the bench. And sadly buffers aren't in the best spot due to so many units having self sufficient buffs and tanks offering a ton of support nowadays.


Enjoy your remaining day and I think most of us can say that we got disappointed with how Yoshi turned out to be.


Memel0rd out​


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