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Upcoming May Units/Banners Predictions

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Crimson Blade Ardyn

C.B. Ardyn is basically a Dark version of C.B. Noctis. He’ll do as much damage as him if he also gets a Global Upgrade. If you have Vinera, consider pulling for NV Ardyn since their elements match up. Vinera has a 90% DEF debuff and a 25% Dark amp. You could build a Dark team with these two as your core units.

NVA Aranea

Aranea gets huge modifier boosts to her jump abilities in normal form. She can also do respectable damage as a Bolting Strike chainer. In her Brave Shift form, she is a TDH jump damage dealer who has high killers for demons, machinas and reapers. She has a unique area effect that increases ATK by 25%. It stacks with the normal ATK buffs.

Elric Brothers

They are Earth physical tag team/Stardust Ray chainers in normal form. Their LB can mitigate damage by 70% and they can also apply a 150% DEF area effect. In Brave Shift form, they are LB damage dealers that have four elemental imbues: fire, lightning, earth and water.

King Bradley

King Bradley is a TDW physical damage dealer that has high evade and passive provoke. He turns into a Stardust Ray chainer and LB damage dealer in Brave Shift form. He has access to fire and lightning imbues and does increased damage to Humans

NVA Roy Mustang

He is a fire-based magical chainer in normal form. He gains a skill that boosts demon and human killer by 200% (can be stolen and spread by MM Xon). He has a hard-hitting fire-based magic LB finisher in brave shift form. He can also imbue all allies with fire via with auto-attack which is really cool!

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Envy is a physical damage dealer with a lot of tricks up his sleeves. He can do fixed damage, instant death, and confuse. He is highly effective against Humans.


Greed is a DEF-based physical damage dealer like King Behemy. The real prize is his STMR – clothes that have 30% physical evasion on top of 70% DEF and 43 DEF.

Swift Thief Zidane

NV Zidane is a buffer in normal form. He can buff LB damage by 300% via his STMR and by 250% using his LB. He can also buff AoE Avian killer. In Brave Shift form, he is a physical damage dealer that specializes in Stardust Ray Chains. His BS LB increases its damage the more it is used for up to 295x modifier. He can also imperil fire and wind by 130% similar to NV Faris.

Pure Black Mage Vivi

NV Vivi is a buffer in normal form. He can increase the damage of reflected magic and make it self chain. He also has a dedicated MAG buff similar to NV Melo’s that stacks with the normal MAG buff. He can imbue all allies with fire, lightning and ice element. He turns into a magic damage dealer in Brave Shift form. He has access to quad cast black magic. His BS LB is a physical type attack that does magic damage which means it can be imbued with any element.

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NVA Beatrix

She's a very bulky magical tank who can also do some SPR-scaling damage.

Loyal Knight Steiner

Steiner is a physical tank that excels in covering damage from bird and stone enemies. He is bulky enough to compare to NV tanks. His cover skill has a 100% chance of covering. He can grant 4 stacks of reflect to allies making him an great unit to pair with NV Vivi. Sadly, he doesn’t reach the heights of NV Gladiolus in terms of pure bulk since he has less base stats and unable to equip Vision Cards.


Chorale is a dark-based physical damage dealer who is strong against demons, humans and aquatic enemies. He can also debuff the stats of enemies while doing damage. His Limit Burst can debuff DEF by 87% and imperil light/dark by 130%. He becomed a pure attacker in Brave Shift form sporting a 200x mod skill after stacking.


Diverti is a SPR-based magic attacker that can cover magic attacks in normal form. He specializes in Earth-based Bolting Strike attacks. He turns into an Earth-based Evoke magic damage dealer in Brave Shift form. He can also increase Earth magic damage by 25%. He is easier to gear than the other evokers.

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Coche is a buffer than can imperil, imbue and amp lightening, water and dark. She has a 100% demon killer buff to the party.

She can also buff LB damage and fill LB gauge similar to Lumina.


Belmera is an exploration unit that can steal items from all enemies. Her auto attack debuffs DEF by 75% to all enemies. She will be useful in farming and in arena. She has a lot of evade passives. Building her for auto attack vis Berserk is recommended.


Global Original Unit made by a fan. Not much is known about the unit except the it is a buffer.

Who are you most excited for?


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