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Venomous Vines farming with NV Rain

Content of the article: "Venomous Vines farming with NV Rain"

Hey guys, this another strat showcasing the enormous jump in Neo Visions.

Before going on, I first want to say that this is NOT my own strat. Mad respect to the FFKR user that told me of this method, and gave me permission to share it.

Now, I know there are a lot of Mad Doll farming strats out there, and I figured it would be helpful to have one for Venomous Vines. They give practically the same EXP, but Venomous Vines gives out more of those sweet, sweet GilTM. Using Xon, Mad Doll gives 114,000 gil per run while Venomous Vines gives 193,200.

Here's a video of the clear:

If you look at the video, you'll see that my NV Rain does well over the damage needed to OTKO the bosses. So hopefully those who can gear NR Rain nicely, or has a powerful AoE T-cast SR chainer (aka NVA Veritas of the Dark) can benefit from this strat. My party goes like this:

– NV Rain (400% TDH with 4213 ATK, 300% Plant Killer )

– AK Rain (Lightning weapon, TMR for the Turn 1 T-cast)

– Reno (FFVII Remake)

– Sylvie (TMR for the Turn 1 T-cast)

– Xon

And here's the action table of the strat; just rinse and repeat for both phases.

NV Rain AK Rain Reno Sylvie Xon
Astral Edge *3 (AoE SR chain) Force Saber *3 (AoE SR chain) Charged Impulse (lightning dmg increase) + Pyramid's Peak (lightning imperil) Bolt Egg (lightning imbue to NV Rain) + Hop into Battle! (ATK buff to NV Rain) + anything else Waylay (steal)
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If you happen to be a bit low on damage, you can:

– If you have him, bring NVA Veritas of the Dark as a secondary DD, and also imbue him with Sylvie.

– Bring any well-geared Cloud friend you have and imbue him with Sylvie; provided that you Rain's damage is enough to kill the mini Malboros, his Normal Form's damage will probably be more than enough to dish out the damage your Rain may be lacking. If you need more damage for the mini Malboros as well, use the BS Form because the SR chain comes with a backloaded AoE hit.

Hope this helps with people looking to farm some Rank EXP and you-know-whats!


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