Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Want to share some tips I learned from all-missioin clear Amon trial

I think this could be more helpful to veteran players or players who have pretty strong units and gears.

Credit to u/Orzhov_Karlov in his post in Amon Megathread, this strategy doesn't require reflect ring.

If your(or your friend's) Elric Bros and Ardyn are strong enough (EX+3, max killer & max LB/jump), then you can follow Orzhov's rotation directly. But if you're like me who got slightly weaker Elric Bros and Ardyn, you might have trouble finishing Amon on turn 6, or you might need to retry many times to get a really good roll. In order to get a more reliable OBAMA clear, I made some changes based on his/her rotation.


The team is:

Elric Brothers (EX+1 or above)

Beatrix (EX+1 unlocked, Seiken – Stock Break awakened to +2 to gain SR chain)

Dethroned Heroine Ashe

Vinera (EX+1 unlocked)

Vermillion Blade Ardyn (EX+1 or above)

For this specific strat, these 5 units are irreplacable. And it's strongly recommend to awaken Elric Bros and Ardyn to at least EX+2. I don't know if it would work for EX+1, but please do lemme know if it also works!

You're gonna need Anti Decay Amulet(or Anti-virus software if you have it) on both Elric Bros and Ardyn and Dragon Brush on Ardyn (it's not a must have for Elric Bros, but still very nice to have), i'll talk about their importance later.

Gear requirement:

Here is my build for everyone except Elric Bros. I don't have enough killers to get them to max so I had to ask a friend to build me one.


EVERYONE NEEDS PETRIFY IMMUNITY! This won't be mentioned again for each unit.

Max killer max LB for Elric Bros in their BS form, base form needs max LB refill / LB refill rate, and Anti Decay Amulet or Anti-virus software for ATK break prevention. If they cannot fully fill their LB on turn 3 (which is quite unlikely), you need to give up and retry.

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Beatrix needs high Fire/Water/Wind/Earth resist. 200% is ideal but i found it unnecessary, as you can see in my build she doesn't have 200% for some elements. Most of the time she will be staying in her base form, and you should try to get her some ATK and killer after having adequate element resist. Her HP/SPR won't be a problem as long as you give her Save the Queen II.

Ashe is built as passive provoke & death immune tank in this strat. Other than that give her as much mp reduction / mp regen as possible. In my build 40% mp reduction is more than enough for a 6 turn clear.

Vinera starts on BS form and does dual cast + dispelga trick on turn 1 to get rid of Regen on Ashe. Then she'll switch to base form and stay there for the rest of the fight. Give her base form as much ATK and killer as possbile, though she won't contribute a lot damage wise. Her main job is DEF/MAG break.

Max killer max jump for Ardyn in his BS form. Base form also needs Anti Decay Amulet/Anti-virus software AND Dragon's Brush, then some auto buff. Let me explain.

Amon's ATK break

Amon will do 85% ATK break on every second turn if our team doesn't deal enough damage ( 1,000,000,000 damage to be exact) earlier on that turn, which we won't be on turn 2, 4 in this strat. It means you finishers will have 300%(from their own ATK buff) – 85%(Amon break) = 215% ATK buff on turn 6 (or turn 3 depends on gearing). If your finishers aka Elric Bros/Ardyn are badass enough they can laugh it off and still finish Amon off on turn 6. But, assuming yours aren't stronk enough (same as mine), you're gonna need some protection from ATK break.

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Anti Decay Amulet/Anti-virus software gives 3 turn protection from ATK break. So if you equip it in your finisher's base form, starts with base form on turn 1 and switch him to BS form on turn 2 for big damage, your finisher will be protected until the end of turn 3. On turn 4, protection wears off, if you stay in BS form, Amon's ATK break on turn 4 will affect both of your finishers, and make them weaker (only 215% ATK buff) on kill turn.

To counter this, I decided to switch both finishers to base form on turn 4. Ardyn has Dragon Brush equipped in his base form, which grants him 240% ATK buff for 3 turns. Because Ardyn doesn' have ATK buff on base form, and he needs to jump on turn 5, this 240% buff is all he gets. It's a little better than 215% but this small difference got me over the hump. (Amon was left with 2%~3% hp on previous attempts following Orzhov's rotation). It's much better for Elric Bro's because their ATK/LB buff skill is also available in their base form. So they can enjoy a full 300% ATK buff on turn 6, the kill turn. These switches are feasible due to both Elric Bros and Ardyn being True Brave Shift, otherwise they'd be stuck in cool down.

About Amon's aoe dispel:

Amon uses this trick once his hp falls to 50%. You must accomplish this on turn 3 because you're going to do all sorts of buff on turn 4, so if Amon somehow falls to 50% later due to bleed damage from Vinera or your chaining damage, he's gonna wipe all the buffs from your team and you're screwed on kill turn. Give up and retry if you get a bad roll.

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Vinera(starts on BS) Beatrix(starts on BS) Ashe ElricBros(starts on base) Ardyn(starts on base)
T1 1. dual cast + dispelga (BS) 3. Cover + Shellga (BS) 2. Any wind attack + Dawn Shard 4. Grandis + Tag x 2 (base) 5. LB (base)
T2 1. Marauder + Condeming x 2 2. Stock break x 3 5. Dawn Shard 3. Switch to BS, Fire imbue + Get Up + Tag 4. Switch to BS, jump
T3 1. Condeming x 3 (SR chain) 1. Stock Break x 3 (SR chain) 5. Dawn Shard 3. BS LB 4. Land
T4 1. Condeming x 2 + Marauder 2. Switch to BS, Cover + Saintly Protection 5. Dawn Shard 3. Switch to base, Get Up + Tag x 2 4. Switch to base, normal attack or guard
T5 2. Condeming x 3 (chain) 2. Switch to base, Stock Break x 3 (chain) 5. Dawn Shard 1. Switch to BS, Water imbue + This fight you lose! + Tag 4. Switch to BS, jump
T6 1. Condeming x 3 (chain) 1. Stock Break x 3 (chain) 3. BS LB 4. Land


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