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We have had good compensation in the past, so why can’t we receive it now?

Content of the article: "We have had good compensation in the past, so why can’t we receive it now?"

Reading over the whole gil debacle has left me reflecting on a couple of other standout scenarios, as a long-time player and lurker on this subreddit. I want to highlight them because I think it paints an interesting comparison to how this situation is being handled. (or maybe you don't find it an interesting comparison, but at least it's a little trip down memory lane

1) The hackers who gifted players 5000 lapis:

Important to note here is that all players were allowed to keep the 5000 free lapis since it "did not affect any users negatively", along with another 900 lapis, other small goodies, and event extensions as compensation for the emergency maintenance.

2) When the iOS update was blocked(?) by the App Store, and iOS players were unable to play for days:

This is an interesting example because the compensation was pretty good (arguably could have been better) AND was distributed specifically to iOS users (i.e. the negatively affected group of players). Of course, a bunch of non-iOS players emulated an iOS system to also get the reward, but that's more exploitation than anything else.

What can we take away from these in the scope of the current situation?

  • There is absolutely a precedent for targeted compensation based on specific users. I would be surprised if there is no script that can check if a user had spent SOON coins in the given time period the Towers were active. Even if that information can't be separated out, providing compensation that is fair for those who did not get Towers would not negatively affect those who already exploited the mistake.
  • The response to these situations, situations that are NOT caused by Gumi themselves, far outdoes the response of situations that are directly in their own control (generally speaking). There's a significant difference between asking for understanding when something is not within your control, and asking for understanding because you screwed up. This situation is the latter, at least as far as the end user (players) are able to tell.
  • Reading the comments on those old situations helps to paint a picture on what the community response looks like when Gumi's response is adequate. The current response to the gil situation is not even close to adequate.
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The overall moral for me is still the same in that I'm very disappointed, but I figured this may be of interest to some people. We should absolutely expect better from Gumi because they've demonstrated they have the ability to meet player expectations in the past, despite a poor track record.


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