Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


A gacha game that’ll make you question the bullshit going on at Gumi’s “master plan” on “how to kill majority of our player base”

And let’s see if you can resist yourself from selling your kidneys for a 2D sprite bikini girls who apparently is a tank that made the community go in a fucking war for creating a fan service unit, WITH FUCKING PIXELS

As we move along Brave exvius has plenty of bullshit perks

-The NV era that literally made plenty amount of veterans ditch this fuckery of a game

-“where is my life savings at”

-weekly extended maintenance

-a game called “What did they fuck up this week” where we find new bugs that’ll fuck us over, some way and somehow

-introducing plenty of missing content

-your monthly paychecks getting cut every month because they don’t like F2P

-our so called GLEX perks, such as dumbass nerfs (Locke’s Gil crap) and questionable Buff’s (60% stat increase for Golem during that DV, fun)

-Dark Visions aka resources goes BRRRRR

-the bane of my existence watching Xon deal with break bars for an hour

And many more fuckery that I have probably forgotten Due to the amount of bullshit this game does to my soul

Watch as they go to this endless cycle between KM and Raid while delaying nearly all our other ways of earning any sense of lapis to actually fucking pull (Story events)

And certain actual fun events such as Boss Rush not seeing the light of day again, they expect you to keep farming these fuckers because it’s “fun” to farm for hours, sorry gumi but I have a life to fucking handle

What’s that? Got a macro to ease your farming? WELL GOOD FOR YOU

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FFBE was a game that had a sense of creativity among trials and units Where each units usually had something interesting they have on their kit that separates themselves from the others

But as of now this “NV” units are half-ass units who be having gun-shots on their kit while lacking any sense of identity Taking fucking kits from the 7* units and simply slapping it with bigger numbers let’s all do the copypaste team comps, because brain don’t like thinking

And watch Terra blow shit up making you not give a singular fuck about using your brain cells on how to deal with this trial’s mechanics because fuck mechanics, big numbers for BOOOMMMM

(Please hang in there, My level of salt and sarcasm has reached levels I didn’t expect I’d have)

Look as we throw our hard earned lapis to (totally) receive the units we “wanted”, because drop rates are fun

Ventus: “okay I believe you”

And currently the level of salt I have received today by working my ass off on getting the lapis to attempt to pull for Rain x Fina, and totally got them.. yes I totally got what I wanted (spoiler alert, of course I didn’t fucking get them)

Thank you Gumi for changing the game for the “better”, it sure has been a “wonderful” start for the year Since you know, the player base is still fucked from the amount of lapis we fucking simped for the KH units (and again I didn’t any of them, fuck my life I know)

Ohh you heard your old ass NV unit (like NV cloud) will receive some buff’s in the future Well too bad, that crap is locked behind Ex 2 MOST OF MY FUCKING UNITS ARE EX 1 YA PRICKS

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This NV era sure has been making everyone so fucking “happy” Want a cool ass NVA? Too bad, you gotta fucking get a shit load of copies of that fucking unit

Gumi sure is generous giving out T-pearls on KM when you get 120k pts there You’d probably hate yourself for not having a fucking macro Cuz ohhh boi this game can literally be all out FarmVille when they ain’t publishing any fucking content for god knows how long Yeah I’ll take that T-pearl, in the after life

Ever thought about how much lapis you’ve spent And wondered “Wow, can I even afford to pay for my own funeral once I died?” Yeah same here, been there too

Let’s all have “fun” on this “wonderful” game and totally not rant so hard about the “perfection” this game has become We are totally not affected by the pandemic and our monthly-income sure isn’t getting fucked

I’d be more happy to receive a new ass trial for this shitty ass game in Japanese than being forced to do nothing but farming in this pile of fucking shit

Gumi knows their player base right? We totally aren’t ditching FFBE, take the dailies, close the game and never show up to it for the day, since we totally don’t have so much life bullshit to handle

Free pulls my ass gumi, fuck you and your GLEX units as well You already butchered Esther’s and Zeno’s awakenings While making our beloved Elena into a fucking fragile ass stick Who didn’t even last a fucking year and got powercrept by Eldryn already

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If you’ve made it this far, thank you for sparring your time on reading through this rant of mine Give yourself a pat in the back and kindly share your pain that this fucking game provided to our daily lives Have a good day And this is all because I got salty for not getting Rain x Fina lmao, bruh fuck this game Peace ✌️


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