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What I think should be done to fix Neo Visions.

Content of the article: "What I think should be done to fix Neo Visions."

I’ll try to keep this short.

It feels like shit to get a Neo Vision only to have to deal with everything that comes after. You got brave insignias, forticite, ascension/transcension pearls, shards, brave shifts, brave abilities, ex awakening and how the fuck are you supposed to figure this all out without a manual?

First off, scrap the brave ability awakenings as they’re a headache. Screw the brave insignias and the forticite. Just start the unit with max level abilities kinda like how they scrapped SBB’s and unlocking latents.

Second, add a special Neo Vision shop. Have a 1 time bundle per Neo Vision available that gives 50 shards and their respective pearl (transcension for NV and ascension for NVA) for 5k lapis. This is a permament addition that will let you get your Neo Vision to EX+1 (ya know makes them fully operational) for only 5k lapis, and it’s not time limited so you can save for a week or two if you used all your lapis and got that unit you wanted.

Third, get rid of any tickets or summons that cannot summon Neo Visions. Unless there is a plan to give EVERY base 5 star unit a NVA, it’s kinda ridiculous to hand out “rewards” that cannot even give Neo Visions. Everything going forward should work like NV EX tickets.

And last but not least, bring back the step-up banners. I remember back when rainbows were 1% and that shit sucked. Even 3% wasn’t great and 5% wasn’t that big of an improvement because the on-banner rate was still kinda low.

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It’s not asking for much. I just wanna enjoy this game again without even more grind. I love this game but feel like if things don’t change then I’m gonna have to give it up in the near future.

Would love to hear what you guys all think as well since I know as a whole we’re aren’t particularly satisfied with what’s going on. Especially after the reveal that OD tickets will no longer be a thing and we will only have the summon panel.


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