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What this mean so far.

Content of the article: "What this mean so far."

ISSUE REPORT:"We are aware that the Gil Snapper Family in the Exchange Shop (FFBE 4th Anniversary: Overdrive SOON(TM)) was erroneously set as Gil Snapper Tower.

This has been fixed to the correct Gil Snapper Family.

Players who have exchanged for the Gil Snapper Towers will be able to retain the units.

Our humble apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you very much for understanding."

Since I don't see any compensation for the rest. This is what the meta game is looking like :

  • People with Towers will never have to touch the gil during the King Mog events.
  • Never have to spend NRG to farm Gil ever again.
  • These players will only have to focus on Insignias & Forticite & Purecryts from now on.
  • They will have more units to play with in DV -> more specialized units -> better scores -> more rewards from DV.

Everyone else ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

Update: Just gave out 200 Lapis & 10 NRG pots. Still the implication from the post above is way better than 200 Lapis & 10 NRG pots.

Just so everyone knows. I don't care if we get the Gil or not, just be fair. Let everyone get the Gil or take it away, that's all. DV is an indirect PVP system and this disrupts the in-game economy.

For those of you saying it won't affect DV, it will. It won't affect the upper bracket since those majority vets, whales, hardcore player. However, the mid/lower to low tier of DV are going to be affected. A 5001 to 5000 is a 5*(w/ chance of NV) or 20001 to 20000 4*(w/ chance of NV). That's a huge difference in rewards.

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TLDR; Snobby high rank players, AKA the 1% player base, doesn't understand how it affects everyone else. Typical. Advantage is an Advantage, no matter how small. If you don't think so, the rewards says otherwise.


We would like to assure you all that we have heard your feedback regarding the handling of the gil snapper tower error, particularly in regards to the desire for easier methods of acquiring gil in-game. Although we regret to inform you that we are not planning on adding gil snapper towers to the Exchange Shop (FFBE 4th Anniversary: Overdrive SOON™) in the future, we are currently discussing other ways to facilitate the acquisition of gil that could possibly be added to the game. We greatly value the opinions of all of our players, and will make sure to make a more detailed announcement about these plans in the near future. With that said, we would like to once again apologize for this error, and kindly ask for your patience and understanding on this matter.

Based on this language, they are not adding the towers back. They are adding new ways to farm Gil (finally) and more details will be followed in the future. However, no where in this update they say they are removing or compensating the influx of gil. Fair is fair remove the gil or compensate others as this affects the PVP aspect.


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