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What would you guys hope for in order to revitalize the game?

Content of the article: "What would you guys hope for in order to revitalize the game?"

Any sort of small QOL change that would change the way you experience the game or even big ideas. This game has a lot of issues and burn out is running rampant right now. Personally I'm not even gonna do this raid, it's too pointless. SO- let's list some things we would want to change in the game! Let's pretend we're devs and we can just throw whatever changes we want in

I would:

★ Lower the requirements for grinding for each event (getting all the important stuff you want by the 30k EP mark so you don't have to spend hundreds of potions or feel like you're committed to logging in every day to dump your energy reserves) I feel like no one really likes feeling committed to an event because the monotonous grind just takes too long start to finish.

★ Sprite selection for units. Like a unit's 6 star more than their 7 star? *Looking at you King Rain / CP Noctis* Well now you can select which sprite rarity you want to be using in game.

★ BG selection for home screen instead of just whatever you last ran. We have some BEAUTIFUL backgrounds, a lot of them wonderfully animated. Nice little QOL to be able to have your preferred one.

★ BG music selection for home screen. Self explanatory, any song that's ever been in the game we should be able to use for the home screen. Maybe even let us select songs while we're on quests as long as it isn't an "important" quest like a boss battle in story mode.

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★ Come up with minimum 3 more event types, if we're pretending budget and developer time isn't a thing then fuck it I'd come up with like 7-10. My partner plays Fire Emblem Heroes and apparently over there they have a billion different types of missions you can do. Sort of like our Vortex, but that's not really what I'm getting at. We have raids, we have dark visions, we have had story events, and we have king mogs. Also whatever the hell that other one is called. We need to have several more types in order to get rid of the monotony of running the same few over and over. DV was a nice change of pace but we're used to that by now and the only thing that can spare us from this monotony hell is several more event types.

★ Make a separate vortex tab for event reruns. Pick a pool of 5 or so per two weeks – month and reset the rewards. Gives us something nice to do while letting people who missed out on important event gear get another shot.

★ Fantasy Title specific battles. Only allowed to use characters from a certain franchise against a particular boss.

★ 4 Star Base only boss battles. I don't care if they flopped over on JP or if they're too easy due to STMRS. Make them a little harder, up the rewards, and let's call it a day. Maybe we could do something like Tel Fulsanis where they give us a list of 4* units with premade gear and we can build our own party. Except don't make it last for 3 months, that was just awkward. Like this anniversary.


★ Revamp Explorations and Arena. No idea how or what I'd do, but that shit needs an update. Maybe legitimate PVP where it's turn based and both players are ACTUALLY fighting. Make the rank rewards worthwhile as well.

★ Introduce minigames! Not every part of the game has to be about 1 shotting random mobs with your team. Maybe a little cooking minigame or a rhythm minigame or who knows what else. Imagine Cloud's attack animation at a piece of Beast Meat + a few other random ingredients and then you get a dish.

★ Safety net for NV, 2%-3% pull rate off the bat.

I could probably name a few more but I do want to hear what you guys would want also. This game sucks so let's daydream about it being better together 🤤


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