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Wiki Ratings Update (Cobalt Blade Noctis)

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Cobalt Blade Noctis

Noctis is certainly strong, but he’s also uncomplicated, so there’s not really a whole lot to say about him.

His sustained damage puts him just above the 28.0 benchmark, then he loses a quarter of a point for relying on external chains. He is element locked, but he also has tremendously high burst and pretty easy gearing, so it wasn’t enough to round him down to 27.5.

Side note: his current rotation does use his LB, which only chains with a dupe. However, his sustained damage drops by less than 10% even if the LB isn’t chained at all, which isn’t enough of a loss for us to consider him a dupe only chainer, which means that he won’t drop by half a point when he drops below the dupe-only damage cutoff (which is probably quite a ways off anyways, since his sustained damage is by far the highest in the game right now).


Nyx has solid burst, but is severely hampered by the limited duration and extended cooldown on his brave shift. He averages about 288b DPT, which is slightly above the 26.0 benchmark. He has a bit of utility in his base form, but the long cooldown on his breaks means he can’t sustain them without help, which generally prevents him from replacing your breaker, which means he doesn’t gain enough to go up half a point.

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What little support she has is largely redundant in most modern team compositions, or is hyper-situational. In most situations, all she’s doing is providing 200% stat buffs and some LB fill. (As always, LB damage buffs are generally not very useful because nearly every unit with a strong LB already buffs their LB damage.)

We’ve rated her at 23.0, alongside Primrose.

Ratings Bump

Those that have read these threads for a while are familiar with this by now, but for those that are newer, this bears a bit of explanation.

Generally speaking, we try to rate units of different roles so that they have roughly similar ratings when they’re of equal relevance to the meta. This is why Faisy is currently so much higher than anyone else, for instance, because the best tank is far more valuable than the best damage dealer.

However, damage dealers experience power creep much, much more quickly than other roles, which means that eventually, even outdated damage dealers would end up on par with far more valuable units of other roles.

Our solution to this is that from time to time, when we feel that things are getting out of whack, we increase the ratings of all non-DPS units by some amount, to reflect the fact that a unit like, say, Rinora is more valuable in the current meta than NVA Balthier.

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This time, it’s a 1.0 bump.

One side effect of this is that some units that were once rated based on their damage output eventually transition to the point that they get rated based on another role that they can fill. This time around, the bump means that Kunshira has moved to a support role (with a rating of 25.0, up from her old damage rating of 24.5), Yoshikiri is now regarded as a pure buffer at 25.0 (instead of basically being listed as both a dedicated buffer and a damage dealer with pre-bump 24.0 ratings in each), Gilgamesh is now a 26.5 breaker (up from a 26.0 chainer), and NV Aerith is now rated at 25.5 as both a damage dealer and a healer (and will transition to being rated purely as a healer next time we do a bump).

Additionally, we felt that Fid was slightly underrated and gave her an additional half point, bringing her up to 27.0.


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