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Wiki Ratings Update (I guess November is summer now?)

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Because damage dealers go through power creep much faster than other roles, the ratings of the newest, shiniest damage dealers also increase at a faster rate.

So, periodically, we have to go through and bump up the ratings of all non-damage dealers to ensure that we don’t have mediocre damage dealers rated higher than units of other roles that are more relevant to the meta overall.

This time, we’re doing a 1-point bump for all non-damage units.

Shoreline Fina & Daisy

Any time there’s a big power jump, it’s always hard to figure out exactly how much of a ratings increase it should be. We struggled with this at the start of the 7* era, too, because the units we were getting were so far ahead of other units of those roles that it was difficult to say how many points of difference there were.

Faisy presents this problem, so we tried to break things down as much as possible.

First off, survivability. She is ludicrously tanky, with over twelve times the effective health of Paladin Cecil (even if you give him an external 50% magic mit buff, she’s more than 6x what he’s got), and we felt like the huge difference in tankiness was worth a full point on its own.

Second, team support. Faisy can maintain 75% AoE magic mitigation (well, technically, it goes back and forth between 75% and 80%), she has better AoE resists (including the ability to do any resist on T1 instead of just four of them), she has better offensive support, she has 75% breaks, and more. That was at least another full point.

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Lastly, there’s the odds and ends. She has excellent action economy thanks to her cover autocasting every time she shifts, and the ability to gear her base form and brave shift differently can offer some interesting opportunities on some fights. And unlike Cecil, her personal 75% general mitigation lasts three turns instead of one, meaning that she can keep it going while also using her LB’s AoE 50% general mit. That was at least half a point.

So, that left us with a unit that is two and a half points above Cecil, putting her at 28.5. However, as with any ratings jump of this size, there is a greater than normal chance that her rating will change over time if/when we get more units in between her and Cecil, which might give us a better sense of what the gap should be.

Summer Fina and Lid

First off, why the hell is it that the other two summer units have the names listed in reverse alphabetical order, but these two are listed in normal alphabetical order?

Anyways, Fid’s main claim to fame is role compression. She’s always had a healer kit alongside a breaker kit, but with her NVA, she can now actually heal every turn while also maintaining breaks, which she couldn’t do before. This means that you can afford to not bring a healer if she is your breaker.

Mind you, her healing kit is extremely bare bones. She has strong HP & MP heals, and an AoE reraise cooldown, and… that’s basically it. No immunities, no ST reraise, no ailment cure, no raise…

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But despite that, the ability to fit in, say, two tanks, a breaker, and a buffer while still having heals is a very potent teambuilding option. We’ve rated her at 25.5, alongside Vaan.

Summer Folka and Citra

Foltra’s brave shift is irrelevant to her rating because she is at best a third-rate damage dealer, whereas her base form is a very good healer. Because these two roles are going to be mutually exclusive in almost all trial setups, we rated her around the one that she is best at.

As a healer, Foltra’s kit has two noticeable gaps. The first is that she does not have any source of raise, and the second is that she does not have any spammable reraise nor any sustainable AoE reraise (although she does have a two-use grandis ability with AoE reraise so it’s not like she’s helpless in that department).

Thankfully, she more than makes up for that elsewhere. She’s got T-cast, giving her excellent action economy, strong heals, AoE stat buffs, immunities, a spammable 5k AoE barrier, an AoE imbue, and more.

We ended up deciding that the missing bits of utility in her kit meant she should go half a point below Rena, at 25.0. Mind you, in the right team comps and/or on some trials, Foltra will outperform Rena, but overall, Rena is just more flexible and more self-sufficient.


Mineur is a one-trick pony, but it’s not a bad trick. She is exclusively focused on dealing with incoming physical damage, primarily through very high physical mitigation buffs.

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She can maintain 60% AoE physical mit, and she has a spammable 1-stack AoE mirage, as well as a 3-stack ST mirage and a 3-stack AoE mirage cooldown.

Unfortunately, she has no stat buffs, and against almost all bosses that use physical damage, Rinora’s 2-stack AoE mirage is better than one stack combined with high physical mitigation, so we felt that Mineur clearly belonged lower than him.

We settled on rating her a full point below Rinora, at 23.5.


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