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Wiki Ratings Update (Inarguably The Worst Final Fantasy Game)

Content of the article: "Wiki Ratings Update (Inarguably The Worst Final Fantasy Game)"

You know it is. Don't @ me.

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Firion -Neo Vision-

Firion’s damage on the spreadsheet is only 180b, which is solid but not groundbreaking. But as a TDW unit that can equip every single type of weapon, with innate killers for almost every enemy race and 200% innate TDW, he's so easy to gear that he will typically overperform in actual trials, relative to other chainers in the same damage range.

His damage puts him in between 25.0 and 25.5. He’s closer to 25.0, but has enough upsides to round up.

Dark Knight Leon

Oh, good. Firion was interesting for a second there, I’m glad we’re back to more boring damage dealers. My heart couldn’t take the excitement.

Leon’s damage is almost identical to Firion’s on paper, but he’s element locked to dark, and he doesn’t have the innate killers. He has a 75% break on a cooldown, which is nice, but it’s not enough to let him round up to 25.5, so he ends up at 25.0.


Aileen is a competent but unremarkable finisher, bursting for around 370b damage (around 35% less than Tifa). She’s earth locked, but she does get some decent utility in the form of a massive AoE LB fill grandis ability, which can be useful in some situations.

Unfortunately, her burst comes from her brave shift LB, which is a lot of very spaced-out hits that won’t fit into a lot of support chains.

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Her burst leaves her between the 24.0 and 24.5 benchmarks, and she doesn’t burst often enough to get a bonus nor seldom enough to get a penalty from there. We decided to round her down to 24.0, largely due to her frame issues. (Aileen and problems with chaining, name a more iconic duo.)


Emperor is another finisher. He only bursts for about 260b (slightly above the 23.5 benchmark), but he can do it frequently enough that he gets the .5 point bonus, which brings him up to 24.0.

Thoughtful Sister Maria

Maria is a healer with significant defensive utility (most notably, 30% to both typed mitigations as well as 40% general mit), but in exchange, she can be janky and risky to use on some fights.

See, the problem is that her only ability heal has a 3x modifier, which is… terrible. (For context, Curaja is 18x.) However, she has several abilities that give it significant mod boosts, and these are abilities that you usually use anyways, and it’ll typically sit around 17x in practice, which is fine.

The problem is that the mod boosts have a very short duration (two or three turns), and if she dies, they go away until you reapply them. This means that for a fight like, say, Shinryu or Behemoth, you would be seriously screwed if/when the ST death takes her down, and even on fights without that kind of mechanic, reraise still leaves her unable to heal and rebuff on the following turn.

Her strengths are very real, but so are the drawbacks. We’ve rated her at 23.0, alongside Folka, who can’t reach the same peaks, but also never faces the same pitfalls.

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Minwu’s kit is painfully stupid to look at. He’s got Curaja, and he has some okay abilities (most notably 40% AoE general mitigation), but the lack of a good on-demand ability heal means that he can’t actually use those abilities for the most part, which leaves him stuck spamming Curaja unless you have another unit give him some breathing room. And he doesn’t even have Reraise to dualcast with Curaja.

We’ve rated him at 21.0, alongside Ayaka. Minwu has more top-end potential than her, but that potential is very hard to reach, and without help, he’s a lot worse.


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