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Wiki Ratings Update (Not Really A Healer)

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As a healer, Aerith is… not great by modern standards. She has 45% magic mitigation, which is fantastic, and 45% physical mit on a cooldown that she can’t maintain, but that’s about the end of the praise. Almost every single other aspect of her healing kit is lacking in some way compared to the current crop of top healers– she has no AoE stat buffs, she can’t maintain AoE reraise, she doesn’t have AoE immunities, and she doesn’t have spammable AoE barriers.

As a result, her damage role netted her a higher rating. She’s at about the 25.0 benchmark for damage. There’s potential for using her as a combined damage dealer/healer, where she uses Tempest (or Sorcerous Storm) every single turn to get a Curaja-tier heal, but the problem is that you’re still missing large portions of healer utility with that setup. We considered giving her a half point bonus based on that role compression, but… there are a bunch of other downsides in her kit that we felt made her fall short of 25.5. Namely:

  1. She’s locked into a single element. (Yes, we know you can use her as a finisher for other elements, but that’s not chaining, and the amount of external chains she would need to deal decent damage that way is overly prohibitive. As for self-capping her finisher skills, it’s a catastrophic damage loss, so in every way that matters, she’s an element-locked chainer.)
  2. She’s a mage.
  3. She’s a TDH mage.
  4. She’s a TDH mage who is single-target. In the past, we’ve been slightly gentler on mages in spite of their shortcomings because they were usually AoE. Aerith, like most modern and future mages, breaks that trend, and as a result, we’re going to start rounding them down more aggressively, as one of the few advantages that mages had has now vanished. (Yes, ST chains make her better in DV, but we don’t rate around DV.)
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So, yeah, 25.0. Her pros and cons kind of even out and just leave her where she started.


Red’s damage as a chainer is pretty unimpressive, and as a result, he nets a higher rating as a finisher.

His burst is pretty good– around 290b– which puts him between the 23.5 and 24.0 benchmarks, a bit closer to 24.0. He’s closer to the higher benchmark, which would already lean him towards rounding up, and his innate killers and access to mirage cement that.


Cloud’s damage is around our 24.5 benchmark, then he loses half a point for requiring an external imperil, bringing him down to 24.0.

(Again, like I said last week, our rating parameters for stuff like external imperils are still under discussion and might change, and if so, we would revisit Cloud’s rating and apply whatever the new, smaller penalty might be. But for now, it’s 24.0.)


It’s so difficult to give a shit about these boring, terrible 7* damage dealers. Rufus is right around our 22.0 benchmark for damage. He has an 80% break for the first 10 turns of the fight, and past that can continue unlocking it by using Heel, but the break only lasts one turn and he can’t multicast it with his damage skills, so it’s really just a backup option. (Or you could use him as a dedicated breaker, which would be sketchy because if he gets killed by, say, Behemoth or Shinryu, you are screwed.)


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