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Wiki Ratings Update (NV Akstar, NVA Lasswell, a few changes)

Content of the article: "Wiki Ratings Update (NV Akstar, NVA Lasswell, a few changes)"

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Awakened Dragon Akstar

Akstar is the strongest chainer yet to arrive in GL, clocking in at 192b damage, which puts him ahead of NV Rain.

This leaves him in between the 25.0 and 25.5 benchmarks, but he’s closer to 25.5. He’s got a drawback (being semi element locked), but between his innate killers, AoE chaining, and AoE imbue, we felt like he still rounded up.

Side note: with NV Akstar, we’ve instituted a new policy. Some of the details of this are still being nailed down, but basically, for TDW units that prefer TDH in spreadsheet builds, we are still rate them around TDW unless TDH is a very significant damage gain.

In Akstar’s case, although his brave shift uses TDH in a no-killer build, once you build for killers, he uses TDW against every single enemy race except humans (and even there, his TDH build is only a 3% damage gain). As a result, we felt like it made a lot more sense to rate his damage based on the TDW build that he’ll actually use.

We still need to decide what kind of damage gain cutoff we’ll use for other units to determine when TDW units are or are not allowed to use TDH, but we are certain that whatever the cutoff is, Akstar does not make it.

Pyro Glacial Lasswell

And with Lasswell, we have the second strongest chainer in GL, barely beating out Rain. At 172b DPT, he’s in between the 25.0 and 25.5 benchmarks, but is much closer to 25.0.

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Lasswell is, in some ways, mildly reminiscent of Zeno in terms of stats. He gears very easily, hitting both the ATK and TDW caps with three materia slots left over, and that’s with only a level 4 vision card.

However, he’s semi-element locked, and we ultimately decided that his gearing wasn’t enough to round him up, so he goes down to 25.0.

Stylish Steward Pecciotta

Pecciotta brings us something that hasn’t, until now, been possible under wiki rating parameters– a breaker that can double as a dodge passive provoke tank.

In fact, Pecciotta can even reach 100% dodge and draw chance while achieving death immunity, which is pretty good, especially for a free unit.

He starts out with 70% breaks, but will typically just maintain 80% breaks constantly after turn 1, because as a dodge provoke tank, he should be getting hit often enough that his counter will proc every turn. Even if it doesn’t, he has a 75% break on his LB.

However, there’s one significant omission from his kit. He can’t break DEF/SPR. Now, this isn’t always going to cripple you– because DEF/SPR don’t scale quadratically like ATK/MAG do, even a 65% break from another unit is pretty damn close to an 80% DEF break. Some chainers (like NVA Lasswell) can even provide their own DEF breaks without too much trouble.

But not all team comps will be able to deal with this all that well, and if you can’t, the damage loss is pretty significant, and could cause you to fail damage check missions on some trials, not to mention the action economy tax even if you do have someone else to break DEF/SPR.

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We initially thought about rating Pecciotta at 23.5, alongside Rikku, as the combination of breaker and provoke tank is quite strong, but ultimately decided that the lack of DEF/SPR breaks was enough to keep him down at 23.0, simply because there’s too many team comps where he’s not a good option.

Lively Steward Shinju

This week, we found that we are all out of fucks to give about 7* damage dealers.

Starting immediately, we will no longer be rating them, unless there is something about them that makes them in some way relevant (for instance, if they seriously compete with NV units on damage, or if they have enough utility to get at least a .5 rating bonus).

Side note: we did calculate her damage. She would have been 22.5.


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