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Wiki Ratings Update (NV Sol, NVA Dark Fina, NVA BS Sakura)

Content of the article: "Wiki Ratings Update (NV Sol, NVA Dark Fina, NVA BS Sakura)"

This week, we have three mages, and they’re all disappointing. But I repeat myself.

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Sol -Neo Vision-

Another week, another chainer with no utility to make them stand out.

At 196b DPT, Sol lands in between our 25.0 and 25.5 benchmarks. He’s a bit closer to 25.5, but his gearing isn’t great (he spends a minimum of two materia slots on capping TDH, more likely to be three if you don’t have Karlette’s TM), and he’s a mage, which means he doesn’t have good killer access in general, so we chose to round him down.

Dark Fina

Dark Fina clocks in at about 155b DPT, which is just below the 25.0 benchmark. Normally, that would be enough for her to round up, but she has similar gearing issues as Sol, but worsened by the fact that she isn’t guaranteed access to a 100% MTDH materia (if you have Sol, then you can get his TM, but Dark Fina owners may not be so lucky), which means you may even have to spend four materia slots to cap TDH (or, more likely, just not cap it at all). In addition to that, she’s locked into two elements at once unless you can get her a really big external MAG buff, since she has to brave shift for 250% otherwise.

Oh, and her only good imperils are tied to a grandis ability. Is it a long fight, or do you need to dispel the boss? Well, she’s gonna have a really hard time in either case.

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She does have a fairly good elemental resist buff, which is a welcome bit of utility, but even that doesn’t make up for the large downsides, and we felt that she deserved a very heavy downward rounding towards 24.5.

Blossom Sage Sakura

BS Sakura cranks out 163b DPT, which is almost exactly at our 25.0 benchmark. She has similar gearing issues to Dark Fina, and she’s element locked, but she also has better utility and isn’t forced to use two elements at once, which saves her from rounding down.

Side note: BS Sakura is a dupe only chainer, because nobody else uses pentacast Graviton Cannon (and in all likelihood, nobody else ever will). For now, she’s above the cutoff value, so there’s no rating penalty, but she’s hanging on by the skin of her teeth, because that cutoff value will go up as we get ever-stronger damage dealers, so don’t be surprised if she drops to 24.5 before long.

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