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Wiki Ratings Update (Rain, 3x Fina, Chainishers)

Hi. It's me, your resident spreadsheet calculator for the wiki ratings. I did a lot of the work this week, so I’m going to talk to you about it directly.

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Rain & Fina

As our first tag-team chainer, Rain & Fina land at an impressive 374b average DPT with 726b burst from their LB two turns in a row. This puts them a little above the ~358b benchmark for 26.5. And then, between their tag chaining making it easier to slot in finishers, their significant damage boost against enemies with a depleted break gauge, and their ability to braveshift into being an emergency healer if needed, we decided they deserved to be boosted to 27.0, despite the tight gearing of LB Damage TDH and being restricted to fire for their best damage.

Fina & Dark Fina (NVA)

As the NVA of the week, Fina & Dark Fina are much less impressive, landing at just 139b DPT by using their base form to fill and buff their braveshift LB. This puts them just slightly above the 24.5 benchmark. They have basic healing options available, but being a mage reliant on gearing for LB damage means 24.5 is where they stay.

Support chaining and finisher changes

So far, we’ve been rating chainers on their average damage per turn and finishers on their burst with adjustments for frequently based on how they were used in trials. But lately the line between the two has become increasingly blurred with chainers having finisher LBs and finishers having chains on their off-turns, and we were getting annoyed at having to “choose” which to treat them as. So, with the ever increasing availability of support chain options (namely tag team chainers and the future black magic revamp) along with entering a season of much bulkier trials that generally won’t be taken down in a single burst, this seemed like a good time to solve this.

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So, after several discussions and votes, we’ve decided that damage dealers can now have support chains up to every third turn, at the cost of roughly a 0.25 point penalty when deciding on their final rating if they choose to use it. We wanted to avoid a variable frequency/penalty system that would involve trying a bunch of different rotations to compare, and we agreed there should always be at least some penalty to prevent rotations from using it “for free” where it really wasn’t necessary and would often be avoided in practical situations, since no matter how available your support chains are, it’s still a tax on your teams action economy.

Importantly, this now means that both finishers and chainers are now rated based on average damage per turn, instead of chainers being rated by DPT while finishers are rated by burst. As a result, the units previously rated as finishers now have fresh sheets where they chain on their off-turns, and have been migrated over to the chainer system (though their high relative burst is still a plus. Here’s all the units with rotation changes and how it affects their ratings, along with a few notes about what affected their rounding;


  • Terra: 26.5 -> 26.5 (427b DPT)
  • Edgar: 26.0 -> 25.5 (277b DPT, external imperil penalty, rounded up for burst)
  • Tifa: 25.0 -> 26.0 (296b DPT, big gains from fresh gear. Her burst increased by like 55%)
  • DK Luneth: 24.5 -> 25.0 (234b DPT, mixes frames a lot so fairly dupe-specific)
  • Aileen: 24.0 -> 25.0 (207b DPT, awkward frames, element lock)
  • Emperor: 24.0-> 24.0 (163b DPT, dupe-only chaining on LB, poor gearing)
  • Red XIII: 24.0-> 25.0 (163b DPT, a bit of utility and good innate killers)
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Chainers who now have finishing turns:

  • Riku: 26.5 -> 27.0 (377b DPT, maintains 80% fullbreak. big winner from capping his BS LB)
  • Cloud (Remake) : 25.0 -> 25.0: (207b DPT, runs out of grandis LB buffs)
  • PG Lasswell: 25.0 -> 25.5 (221b DPT)
  • Dark Veritas: 24.5 -> 24.5 (167b, not great gearing and slightly awkward frames)

Vision Card Availability

Now, these aren’t the only units who have gained some damage and in some cases, changed ratings this week. Since I was recalculating a bunch of things anyway, we decided that it was a good time to revisit units only being allowed level 4 cards outside of their own. With the different amount of options for high base stat cards now either available currently or in the foreseeable JP future and the relative ease of levelling them, we’ve opened up all non-limited cards at level 10 for all NV units. (and honestly it’s more convenient for when I’m building them too). So since I’ve given every existing NV unit a fresh build, a lot of units have gained damage this week, especially NVAs and units with bad cards (looking at you, Physalis and Lasswell), and their ratings have been reviewed and increased as appropriate. Some of these changes may be slightly volatile still since they were completed fairly last-minute for this week.

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One other thing that we’ve been discussing doing over the past couple of weeks is potentially dropping down the whole rating scale by like, 15-20 points to remove the large amount of dead space at the bottom end. Some of the team disagree with this being a good idea though, so it’s still up in the air as to whether or not it’ll happen. I’m losing the energy to push for it more…

(Muspel note: it’s working!)


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