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Wiki Ratings Update (Rinora and some other stuff)

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Rain -Neo Vision-

Rain is, for the most part, yet another damage dealer without enough going on beyond that, although he is, thankfully, somewhat less boring than the usual fare. He deals around 170b DPT, which puts him very slightly above our 25.0 benchmark.

He does have some decent utility– most notably, 40% AoE general mitigation– but frankly, by the time you’re tackling any content that he can’t vaporize on turn 1, you’ll have someone else that can do a better job of that, so he’s really just a backup option for that.

We decided that it wasn’t anywhere near enough to round him up to 25.5 (which has a benchmark of 211b DPT), so he stays at 25.0.

Veritas of the Dark

VotD is a pretty solid chainer, all told, dealing around 120b DPT.

He also has some nice utility in the form of a 75% break, but it’s… not very compatible with his damage. See, he only has the break in his base form, but most of his damage comes from his Brave Shift, and his Brave Shift lasts long enough that the break will expire. As a result, it’s mostly just a backup option for emergencies when he happens to be in his base form, and doesn’t let you replace a dedicated breaker.

Also, his damage while in Brave Shift is dark-locked, and he burns through a bunch of MP.

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His damage is very slightly below the 24.5 benchmark, more than close enough to round him up, but his utility has enough limitations, and the rest of his kit enough drawbacks, that he doesn’t get anywhere close to 25.0.


Bruce’s kit has some real headscratchers. Like, why do his chaining moves have a provoke built into them, yet he has no innate dodge? Why is he a TDH gun user that doesn’t have an imbue, meaning that all of his moves without innate elements are non-elemental without external support?

Luckily, although the provokes on his main damage moves are weird, they’re not actually a drawback– because the game uses slot order as a tiebreaker for provoke, you can just put your provoke tank in a slot before him and he’ll never get targeted (unless your tank dies, I guess). But he also can’t really serve very well as a chainer/dodge provoke tank, because without any innate evasion, gearing for full dodge will gut his output.

Which mostly just leaves him as a standard damage dealer. His damage is in between the 22.0 and 22.5 benchmarks, but is a bit closer to 22.0. In the absence of any relevant utility, we just rounded him down, since that was nearer.


And here we have the actual prize of the banner. There are only three units in the entire game with on-demand 2-stack AoE mirage, and Rinora is far, far better than the other two. In addition to that, he’s got 250% buffs and 30% physical mit (70% on a cooldown), plus some other more minor goodies like racial mitigation (and some minor general mit that you’ll probably never use).

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To this day in JP, Rinora is the best defensive buffer in the game, and sees extensive use in endgame content due to the extent to which 2-stack mirage can trivialize trials.

We had quite a debate over whether or not he should be rated higher than Lunafreya. It came down to a vote, and the result was that Rinora gets rated the same as her, at 23.5.


Tyro is a competent, if unimpressive tank. He provides 40% general mit, 25% to both typed mitigations, 150% DEF/SPR buffs, and he can even multicast his cover/provoke/the aforementioned support stuff.

His main failing is that he’s not very durable compared to the current top tanks. If you try to take him into a fight like Behemoth, he will get turned into chunky salsa. Still, he’s not made of paper, and he’s overall a pretty great unit for those that are lacking someone like SS Charlotte or Vossler.

We’ve rated him at 23.0, alongside Sieghard.

Blue Mage Fina

The addition of Mighty Guard is a pretty big deal for her. This is probably the best of her blue magic skills, and it’s enough to raise her rating by half a point, putting her next to Aerith at 22.5.


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