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Wiki Ratings Update (Yoshikiri, Itachi)

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You know, I see a lot of people say that GLEX units are always good. This has never really been true– rather, it’s that everyone remembers the good ones and forgets about the ones that were, well, forgettable.

Luckily, we have Yoshi to remind us that sometimes, GLEX units are just straight up bad.

Defensively, Yoshi is a noticeable downgrade from Rinora in most ways. He has a few areas where he can excel, but they’re hard to capitalize on– for instance, the elemental resists on his LB are great, but he typically can’t get his LB ready until turn 3 or so, and you usually need elemental resists on turn 2 (or even turn 1). His physical mitigation is strong, but is just straight up worse than Rinora’s spammable 2-stack mirage, and that… kind of goes hand in with almost all of his kit. Sometimes great in ways that are overly specific, but worse where it really counts.

He’s got some offensive utility, too, and it’s not bad, but if you’re tackling a challenging trial, the minor damage gain from his offensive support is not worth what you’re losing defensively.

We decided that, as a dedicated buffer, Yoshikiri would likely land around half a point below Rinora and Lunafreya, at 23.0.

But you can instead use him as a damage dealer. Now, he is Pretty Fucking Bad at this job, averaging around 65b damage per turn (for context, that’s about a third of Akstar and less than half of Aerith), largely due to his godawful rotation, but he does end up with insane magical EH due to being an SPR-based damage dealer. In addition, because he has so little TDH, he can actually gear for 100% evasion quite easily and lose very little damage (probably 10-15%), because swapping in a pair of 25% dodge accessories doesn’t cost him that much SPR.

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Which means he’s a damage dealer who will frequently be basically immune to all damage, and that’s a pretty big deal.

His damage output puts him midway between the 23.0 and 23.5 damage benchmarks. Not only does he round up easily, but we felt that between his ludicrous survivability and the utility that he has access to, he should get an additional half point bonus on top of that, bringing him up to 24.0.

Mind you, when we do our next rating bump for non-DPS (which is currently under discussion), it is very likely that Yoshikiri will start being rated as a pure support rather than as a damage dealer. But for now, damage dealer nets him a higher rating.


After some discussion and comparison, we decided that dedicated breaker would net Itachi the highest rating. She’s basically a somewhat downgraded version of Rikku, and we rated her half a point lower, at 23.0.


We were scrambling a bit with rating parameters the first week of NVs, and a few of the new gearing/build parameters didn’t get properly applied to Cloud’s spreadsheet calculations. We’ve fixed that, which brought his damage up by enough to get him to 25.0 (up from 24.5).

Stylish Steward Pecciotta

Last week, we rated Pecciotta on the assumption that you could use him as a passive provoke/dodge tank and let his 80% break counter do its work.

Then, it came to our attention that because the counter break only lasts one turn and is applied at the end of the enemy’s turn (since it’s a counter), it actually expires at the beginning of the enemy’s next turn, meaning it does fucking nothing. Very impressive work, Alim, I’m glad you put so much thought into his kit.

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We’ve lowered Pecciotta’s rating by half a point. He’s still a viable provoke tank/breaker, but the breaks are going to be weaker, and he’ll have to actively maintain them rather than having all of his turns free to do whatever he wants.


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