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Willster328 Game Content Review

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Afternoon everyone!

This is unfortunately, my personal hiatus, and likely permanent goodbye as an active contributor. And it's not due to RL issues, it's honestly the game itself. There's a handful of things that I'd like to touch upon, and really try and explain in a way that we don't often get to discuss en masse.

Ability Bloat

As someone who very briefly was writing Unit Reviews, I'm genuinely flabbergasted as to how to really qualify/quantify a unit in the NV era. Tthe fact that units are basically two units in one, with a slew of varying ability awakenings, makes it grueling to try and fully understand the characters. This isn't even touching upon the actual gameplay time it takes to level up abilities, awaken, etc, it's literally just reading, memorizing, and understanding.

Writing the reviews was fairly standard for a time there in terms of understanding the character and what they were good at. But now? It's a convoluted mess to have any idea what they do. And the more characters/abilities that come out, the harder it is to actually have a grasp of comparables and trying to memorize and have a mental bank of all the attributes the currently existing characters to get an idea of comparison.

And the amount of abilities leads to:

Confusing Rotation

This is the other part of understanding a character that has become wildly convoluted. Having any scope as to what you should be optimally be doing to take advantage of a character is impossibly difficult. I don't want to have to go to the wiki every time I use a character to remember what their modifier is for an ability, or which abilities increase modifiers on other ones. And this obviously applies most to NV because there's essentially double the amount of things to know, but even as the cast grows larger in general it's still difficult to memorize and retain everything we need to know about rotations and what the abilities themselves do.

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And despite understanding the Abilities and Rotations, in the end it still feels like crap to put in the work to understand the characters because:

Power Creep is awful

That was one of my biggest takeaways on the release of Cloud and Tifa. Was looking at the Damage Calc sheets, and just seeing how staggeringly useless the rest of the DPS cast we'd accumulated over the past few years seemed to be. It genuinely sparked despair, thinking to myself "What was the point of all the analysis I did?"

The Creep in the game isn't new either. Every few weeks there were incremental increases in DPS. But at least back then characters still felt somehow unique, varied, and the creep was still merited by the varied kinds of kits, chaining families, etc.

But at the end of the day, the Creep makes me feel that bit of despair not just because of the numbers, but because:

Grinding, pressing Auto, and Repeat isn't Content

At the end of the day this Power Creep feels like a massive freaking "so what" because we're not getting any legitimate content to validate the need for it. The Story quests are so boring I don't even want to do them. The MK Events and Raids are just grinds and repetition to get Awakening Materials for our bloated list of characters. But for UoC tickets for more NVA units and for new Equipment. It's just hours of repetition. And although some of the equipment is fun to try and acquire to enhance the characters we do enjoy playing, at the end of the day:

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Equipment Bloat is horrible

In addition to the characters and their power creep, our INVENTORY is constantly power crept by all these differing stat boosts and % gains. And so yes, THANKS Gumi for trying to optimize the "Optimize" function on characters but that should've been done on freaking release of the game, not years in. And so now we're still left relying HEAVILY on Lygard to optimize our builds because the Filtering system needs serious work. Filter by Killers, filter by minimum %s, 2nd attributes (Prioritize ATK, then MAG), etc. It's exhausting building characters with the way the system is set up right now.

At the end of the day

The game is literally not fun. And it's not rewarding. And it's not interesting. It's a series of let downs, complicated things that become tiresome, and repetition. This isn't even mentioning the Lapis investment for some of these characters the lack of safety net on them. It's purely from a gameplay perspective.

Good luck to everyone still playing, but I'll be seeing my way out. Thanks to everyone that has helped contribute to this community, this gaming experience was one of my favorites for a very long time.


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