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Willster328 Unit Content Review: Zenaida

Content of the article: "Willster328 Unit Content Review: Zenaida"

Afternoon Warriors of Light! Here with another Content review on our latest character, another DPS, with some insight and thoughts on their overall kit, S/TMRs, and value to the game.

General Overview

Zenaida apparently was an RNG drop in Japan for an event like this, whereas Global has her added to the permanent summon pool (yay us!). Just at what I've seen initially, she's…. kind of fucking eye popping.

She's a TDW DPS that can Penta-Cast or T-Cast her abilities, with Self Imbues of Fire, Lightning, Earth, and Dark, a T1 Cooldown that can Imperil all three for 120%, some abilities that can be unlocked by other abilities to imperil 120%. She also has passives that grant her 125% Killers to Beast, Dragon, Human, and Stone. AND she has abilities that can also boost those 4 Killers by an additional 75% each. She also has an increase to her Chain Modifier (4x to 6x).

Like. That kit in and of itself is already insane. The 125% Passive Killer, up to 200% on-demand, 120% Imperil on 4 Elements, Self-Imbue for 4 Elements.

This is not including the fact that in those Killers there are additional effects on each ability, which range from self ATK, DEF, SPR, and LB Gauge Fill Rate (all for 200%).

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE. There's an additional Cooldown which boosts Killers for 150% to these types to the caster. So yes, she has the ability to give herself killers to any of the four types for up to 350%. Stop. Fucking stop. That is insane.

And this is all without even talking about her modifiers and damage! Because holy shit, let's just move onto the next section.

Zenaida as a DPS

She can be either a Chainer or a Finisher. And the Wiki Ratings Team has two different rotations built depending on how you use her. Let's start with the fucking bonkers one first: Finisher

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Zenaida as a Finisher

The Wiki Team has built her out to Turn 7 as a Finisher because it's her highest Burst Damage, but let's just look at T3 for the sake of "ease" in comparison since most other Finishers Burst T3 or less:

Character Damage Turn
Zenaida 138B 3
Flame of Rebirth Jake 100B 2
Graceful Champion Fang 62B 3
Dragon Knight Freya 53B 3
Irvine 58B 2

I'm sorry. What. Flame of Rebirth Jake came out two weeks ago and bitch slapped Fang as a Finisher, and Zenaida comes out the woodwork here with a 30% increase over what he does? This isn't even her highest burst. If you do her rotation up to T7, she bursts for 162B on T7. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-TWO BILLION compared to Jake who did a measly One Hundred Billion.

I'm fucking flabbergasted. Here's that overall rotation with the numbers:

Abilities Damage
Breath of Heavens + Breath of Lion + Breath of Darkness + Imbue Strike + Flash Kick Supression 1,158,588,349
Imperil Break + 2x Flash Kick Supression + 2x Flash Kick 5,174,717,137
Infinity Kick (LB) 138,471,122,605
Imbue Strike + 2x Flash Kick Supression + 2x Flash Kick 5,051,631,695
Infinity Kick (LB) 138,471,122,605
Flask Kick Calamity + 2x Flash Kick Supression + 2x Flash Kick 8,831,676,846
Infinity Kick (LB) 161,994,072,599
Imbue Strike + 2x Flash Kick Supression + 2x Flash Kick 8,309,695,946

Zenaida as a Chainer

In this form she still slaps as a DPS. It's roughly the same overall rotation, with more emphasis on Quad Casting an ability , but she's averages Damage per Turn right near the top of the DPS charts with Sterne, War Hero Raegan, and Kitone. Below is also that Chaining Rotation with the Numbers:

Abilities Damage
Breath of Heavens + Breath of Lion + Breath of Darkness + Imbue Strike + Flash Kick Supression 6,087,178,311
Imperil Break + 4x Flash Kick Supression 46,213,294,762
Infinity Kick (LB) 45,037,732,627
Imbue Strike + 4x Flash Kick Supression 45,701,720,892
Flask Kick Calamity + 2x Flash Kick Supression 44,835,234,468
Infinity Kick (LB) 52,688,572,112
5x Flash Kick Supression 92,912,225,320
Imbue Strike + Imperil Break + Flash Kick Supression 17,915,182,289
Infinity Kick (LB) 45,037,732,627
5x Flash Kick Supression 50,540,357,076

Other Notable Items

She has 10% Resist to Fire, Lightning, Earth, and Dark. Nothing crazy but worth saying. She also has an Auto-Heal of 1800 per turn, Ailment Resistances to Sleep and Confusion, some passives that build up her bulk on the DEF/SPR side, and some MP Regen as well (7%) per turn with her S/TMR equipped. She's also got some passives for ATK boosts when Unarmed, but I don't really see this being applicable.

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In terms of gearing she can equip Spears, Maces, and Fists so a little limited on the equipment weapon side. But for Armor she can do Hat, Helm, Clothes, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, and Robe (basically everything I think) so some awesome availability to put on some cool equipment from that perspective.

TMR: Graceful Footwork

Materia: Increase ATK (60%), Increase Physical Damage against Beasts, Humans, Dragons, and Stone Monsters (25%).

Wait a minute! Wasn't I just writing a review a few days ago about Fran and how rare Beast Killer Materia was!? Well shit here's another, and it's also got Stone on there which is another fairly rare killer. So this is an awesome TMR, because 60% ATK Increase is also fairly hefty given there's no Weapon condition there (Most Materia that are 70-80% boosts require specific weapon types to be equipped).

So yes, this TMR slaps just as hard as her character kit does.

STMR: Warlord Leg Guards

Accessory: ATK +65, Increase eqATK (100%) when Dual Wielding.

Wut. So for eqATK 100%, only Dual Form and Twin Swords Mastery do it. This is it. There's a handful of Accessories that will increase it by 50% for you (Hermes Sandals FFV, Onion Boots, Ravenheart), and there's also some Weapons that enable 50% too, but 100%? Very few already.

This isn't even considering the flat +65 Attack on the Accessory. That is the highest in the game right now. The other Top 5 Accessories that give Flat Attack are:

Item Attack
Limited Moon +60
Coin of Fate – Sabin +55
Lucid Lenses +55
Moonshade Earring +53
Coin of Fate – Edgar +50

So not only does this STMR give the highest eqATK boost in the game by double, but it's also the highest ATK Accessory in the game.

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I honestly don't know whether to be super hyped because of everything I've mentioned, or supremely skeptical because this feels like deja vu from my post writing about the Power Creep a couple weeks ago doing UD Fina, FR Lid, and HA Lid. My gut tells me that this is almost a must pull for Dark Visions given the 300% Self Attack boost and the 225% Killers her abilities can put on herself. Not to mention, these seem like S/TMRs that are also going to be incredibly useful for a very very, very very, very very very, long time.

Please someone point out if I'm looking at her entirely wrong, but this might be the best unit I've reviewed so far in the past month, despite the fact that she's just another DPS.


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