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Yoshikiri has an (almost) mandatory 5k lapis tax unless you plan to dump 35k or more lapis.

Content of the article: "Yoshikiri has an (almost) mandatory 5k lapis tax unless you plan to dump 35k or more lapis."

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So you got your shiny new NV. Great! (or you lost all your lapis with no safety net, not great!) while the STMR is entirely optional, I think everyone can agree that at the very bare minimum you need to +1 your NV so you can unlock their brave shift. +2 and onwards is not necessary at all. Cool.

So far the general formula was that we would be given 30 or so free awakening fragments via log in bonus for the new banner NV. This means to reach said +1 you would need to provide your own 20 fragments to reach the needed 50 total. In the Overdrive shop you could get up to 50 fragments just by spending overdrive tickets. 10 fragments per ticket. This means if you dropped at least 10k lapis during your banner pulls (which gave you two tickets), you have already secured your fully awakened +1 NV. Of course if you got lucky with ticket pulls only and didn't spend any lapis, this more or less meant you had to commit at least 10k lapis to top off your new NV to +1, or just buy the 5k fragment bundle and call it a day…which brings us to..

The 5,000 lapis fragment bundle. So far every NV has had a bundle in the shop that gives 50 fragments for 5,000 lapis. That means if you got your shiny NV from tickets alone, you only had to commit 5k lapis to awaken them fully or drop 10k on pulls and be a madman. So now we come to Yoshikiri. Much of these systems are still the exact same (this is going under the assumption he will have a 5k lapis bundle for 50 fragments) however these is one critical difference. We are being given 30 free fragments, sure, but the overdrive shop is no longer providing the other 20. That means if you pull one Yoshi you are now at +0 with 30 free fragments. You MUST provide these other 20 missing fragments somehow.

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The panel system I won't go into opinion on it much because you already know what a slap in the face that is compared to an actual legitimate step up / safety net. Put simply, you can RANDOMLY get the other 20 fragments off panels. Panel board one has two sets of fragments. In fact, the way that panel 1 is designed there is two sets of fragments for 15 each…15. Fifteen. As in, Gumi deliberately chose to make it 5 (FIVE) less fragments than what you need to awaken him to +1. (And you wonder why people hate this money grubbing company?) This directly translates to you needing to RNG grab both the fragment panels off board 1 to secure 30 extra fragments (15+15) which nets you enough to do the awaken with your freebie 30 fragments. That is the only way you have to get the other 20 besides literally having to pull for a second Yoshikiri dupe, which more than likely if you have two of him you already spent more than enough to clear the full panel 1 board and your lapis is crying…..but wait. There is one more option isn't there?

That 5k bundle will more than likely be back, I guarantee it. Sad truth is there will be a decent amount of people that get Yoshikiri (that is, without dropping 35k+ lapis and emptying the panel board) are going to end up with a +0 Yoshi and no way to top him off to +1. You WILL have to buy this bundle or stay with a non brave shift unit. Mandatory 5k or have a gimped unit. Your only other choice is to keep pulling blindly for a second Yoshi or a random chance at the correct panel to give you fragments (which can cost up to 35k total, factoring in the 2 free pulls you get from 3 10+1 pulls). Obviously not a good use of resources. If you have bad luck and end up dumping 35k lapis (enough to full clear board 1) you will ultimately end up with these extra fragments anyways, but again, this is going under the assumption that you had to dump 35k lapis to clear the entire panel on a banner with 0 guarantees you will even get anything. If you're about to do your 40k (total spent) lapis pull on this guy and you still have 0 of the unit then at this point an extra 5k lapis is the least of your worries. I don't really need to offer my opinion on what I think of this, it speaks for itself just describing it. All I can say is I sincerely hope step ups return ASAP because this is pure scumbag even for an already scumbag game genre and company.

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tl;dr: You will likely be paying an extra 5,000 lapis on top of whatever it took to get your Yoshikiri unless you got very lucky and either pulled 2 of him or pulled the 20+ fragments from random panels.

Side note: this all assumes you even GOT the unit before 35k lapis spent, or from getting lucky off tickets, or whatever. If anything this entire negative post is treading on the positive side of what could in reality happen to you, ironically. You could very well go 80,000+ lapis without seeing a single Yoshi; all the unlocked panels and unit fragments in the world won't save you then.


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