13.00 update/ State of game

They have well and truly mucked this game up after the 13.00 update how can something go so bad after all the delays we have had we should be 3 weeks in 2 the new event now and most likely we gonna get a prirate event again. Who.knows what lamas were gonna get also if there's a pirate event most probably we have the portal lamas again also the new heros that were ment to come as part of the pirate event have already been release in the event shop so where does that leave the game in general with more recycled content. Also I know there's news about a lot of new things coming to the game but no idea what they really are and how true the are we have all had promise from epic before and we all been let down so who knows what the state of this game is gonna be to like when we reach 14.00 . Its so a shame as this game has so much potential and it such a same to see it in this state. Not even mentioning all the bugs in the game at this moment and no patch to fix it a a week after the update came out the sound so bad you can't start misson. Don't wanna compare it to battle Royal but if the sound was like that in that game mode it would have been fixed almost staright away or at least a tweet saying the working on it bit when it comes to save the world nothing with is part of the promblem A BIG LACK OF COMINCATION!!!!! Sorry for the rant but feel like it need to said as I feel like the game is in the worst state it has been in for a while.

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