160 4-Man Evacuate the Shelter: Play With Others

For reasons unfathomable even to myself I decided the proper course of action in regard to completing the weekly 10x 140 and 10x 160 missions was to go into the Evacuate the Shelter PL 160 4-man mission repeatedly in open games with no friends in my party. Important research must be done to identify potential game improvements, and whatnot.

I decided, given the nature of this mission, that if I joined a lobby and it was empty, I would enter the mission immediately and try to defend the shelter. If the lobby already had people in it, I would wait until the timer reached zero and allow the game to force me into the mission as late as possible. This was an attempt at exploiting the shelter defense portion of the mission in an environment with absolutely no communication. Mostly EU server, though 3-4 I ran on NAW.

Further I did not build anything until another player started some kind of construction. If they went for the suspended jail, then I did what I could to assist, etc.

I obtained the following results:

Mission Ended Before I Even Made it Into the Mission: 3

Lost Mission Within 5 Seconds of Appearing in the Mission: 1

First One Into the Mission, Husks Cleared, but We Lost Anyway: 1

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Rampy Jail Build Thingy and Lost Anyway: 3

First One In, Husks Cleared, Mission Victory (Stall Build, boss killed): 2

Last One in, Stall Build, Victory: 1

Rampy Jail Build Thingy (+perimeter walls to encourage ramp usage) Victory: 1


At this point I ran out of steam to pursue the observations and moved over to the 160 4-man Retrieve the Data, where my play with others groups went 6-0 using jail builds.

I have some questions about the rampy jail build thingy, because this experiment does not give me much confidence in it. The losses came when the husks elected to smash the ramp directly above the objective rather than go into the jail. What's up with that?

I realise this is not the first thread to complain about Evacuate the Shelter, nor will it be the last. Throwing it out there anyway because it does appear the once every 9 months or so, Epic feels inclined to fix something, so there is that. Mostly I wanted to have an empty quest log so I can dive into the new Ventures, and I have a few hours left to wait, so I am passing the time with a mostly useless and kinda silly write up for Evacuate the Shelter.

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