2 Beneficial Tools for all skill caps.

Content of the article: "2 Beneficial Tools for all skill caps."

Your skill is indisputably recognized, and capitalized – by your actions.

Many aspects which players begin to shape up their personal performance is through watching clips of their mistakes.

One mistake, rather 2 – that most people fail to notice: What could it possibly be?

Mistake 1. How you hold your buttons, and how you press your buttons – will dictate your end-result capability. Finding the right way to hold & press buttons is an extremely common principle, yet is under-rated by most competitive players. At the end of the day, we want to have fun and enjoy ourself – so why bother practicing the most effective way to practice buttons? Well – if you wan't to shape up for future games that remain similar in mechanics to Fortnite – now is the exact time to learn what efficiency is.

Mistake 2. Visual Animation Glitches. A Visual Animation Glitch is caused when 2 or more buttons are pressing an exact timing chain. When multiple inputs are processed, you shorten, reduce, or eliminate the animation which is rendered by those inputs. When you cancel animations, you form an animation glitch. This is what invisible builds were derived on to begin with – and the reason why many struggle with different aspects of that circumstance. Learning how to identify your animations – depending on the way buttons are pressed – can be something very simple and RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Take time to notice when you spam edits, or press gun/pickaxe together. Find different combinations of buttons when cause animation glitches.

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Not only will you discover some cool animation glitches throughout time, you will begin to increase your speed, accuracy, timing, and consistency through allowing yourself the tool to recognize those very precise moments in timing.

Animation Glitches are important in many ways. They help you truly understand where your input delay affects you, how it affects gameplay, the way it affects certain abilities/combinations, and ultimately is -the most precise way- of fine-tuning your actions down to the milliseconds.

EDIT: The next time you review a clip of your previous games :

Watch for animation glitches and if you are sloppy during pressure. Look at building placement depending on how quick they press buttons. Look at the travel distance in edits. Look at any aspect which you normally overlook or think wasn't important. Look outside the box.


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