A global guide for all save the world players across the game.

Content of the article: "A global guide for all save the world players across the game."

Welcome to save the world, commanders! These are tips for you to ensure to make the best out of you. So please follow them carefully!

NOTE: If you are playing on macOS, follow this guide on how to play on macOS



  • DO NOT EVER TRADE WITH ANYONE, This is the most important tip!

You might wonder why this is number 1 in the list. Because trading is not even part of the game at all and people always fall for the scams without realizing. So please, don’t trade and you’ll be fine.

  • While this game is made for co-op, try soloing all of stonewood until you reach plankerton

Due to the bad reputation stonewood has from grievers to scammers, but the higher the area the less chances you'll encounter them. Stonewood is perhaps the easiest location to solo it

  • Upgrade your survivors, the higher the rarity the better, match the leader with his job (EMT squad leader in EMT squad), match the survivors with their lead that has the same personality (curious lead survivor with curious survivors). More info can be found here (Credit goes to u/V1ctyM)

If you want to be more powerful, then you have to upgrade your F.O.R.T stats. That’s where survivor squads come in. If you want to unlock more slots for more survivors, you have to advance in the story to get more slots

  • If you ever ran out of resources and want to farm them. Set your privacy to private, Bring an Outlander. And go to any mission that doesn't have a timer. Farm as much as you like. But watch your backpack.
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But do not ever farm in public missions! You’ll piss off those players who are focused on defending the objective. Including the constructors. After you finish farming switch your privacy settings back to Public, else you'll keep soloing in the other missions too

  • Weapons wont help you in storm shield defenses, traps are your only best friend in this case. So always learn how to trap your base properly. Check this guide by u/CammyG–

You are going to learn it the hard way if you didn’t try or use traps properly in storm shields.

  • Using guns higher than tier 1 weapons in stonewood will just deal the same damage as your tier 1 gun due to how low region balances the stats. Use your own guns instead.

For example a power level 51 gun does exactly the same damage as a power level power level 23 gun. You are basically wasting your resources. Unless you are a high power level player and you are emptying your backpack.

  • If you ever need a nice weapon, unlock the collection book, get 100 legendary flux and research either Wraith or Silenced Specter. Otherwise everything works in Stonewood.

This is pretty much self explanatory.

  • Upgrade your F.O.R.T stats once you unlock Lars The Scientist by spending research points. More info can be found here(Credit goes to u/V1ctyM)

This is just the same as upgrading your survivors. But requires some patience.

  • Doing 90s is not only waste of resources. But it's also useless against husks. So forget everything about battle royale in this mode.

Seriously, you are wasting your own resources doing 90s that absolutely has no use in the mission, and then you ask the others to give you resources (based on my experience). If you want to do 90s, get back to battle royale.



  • You need to learn how to deal with elemental husks. A guide can be found here made by u/AaronCJP
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Nothing is worse than a person building metal in a nature storm mission. Even worse when it’s nature storm with metal corrosion.

  • Once you have evolved a schematic, you can still craft the lower tier of the schematic using the downcraft schematic.

And people kept wondering why they can’t craft lower tiers of the schematic.

  • Do not always rely on teammates

The reason why do not always rely on teammates is because they don't build around the objective usually, that's why it's recommended to bring either a constructor or a soldier

  • Having trouble finding mimics? see this comment

Since love storm 2020. Epic has increased the spawn chance for Lobbers and dramatically decreased the spawn chance for mimics. Which made it significantly harder to progress in a story quest called "What's in the box"

  • Heroes aren't there for the looks! They're good in a special hero loadout. Check this hero demonstration by u/Chedic.

Never play Shrapnel Headhunter for WeNeGaDe WaIdEh and play her in a shotgun hero loadout instead. What’s so special about that outfit anyways, it’s just another overrated outfit by kids.


Canny Valley and Twine Peaks:

  • Keep increasing your power level!

A lot of times where people just reach twine peaks with power level below the minimum, making them weak in Canny Valley and Twine Peaks.

  • Traps are extremely needed in those areas. Try to learn how to trap your base, especially the environment is either elevated or the objective is on the hills.

A lot of people are asking for a carry for their SSDs because they don't learn how to trap their bases. Players get hate mostly for that reason. So if you managed to trap your base, you'll be able to blast your way in the game

  • Lynx is not everything, she is completely useless outside mythic storm king.
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Seriously, why using something that is only useful at a specific level? Just because you can beat the mythic storm king using her doesn't mean you can use her in all the missions. Unless you are going to use her in a Kunai storm hero loadout.

  • This game mode doesn’t require sweating unlike the other mode. Taking it slow will yield you some nice information about how to play the game properly.

Honestly, if you took it slow you'll at least learn a tip or two.

  • Take it slow, have fun, never rush, or you'll miss tons of game mechanics


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