A Little, ity bity Rant that was a Comment Made on Another Post

Content of the article: "A Little, ity bity Rant that was a Comment Made on Another Post"

I know this might be an unpopular opinion but I was really hoping they would have at least tried to tie together BR and STW's story. Like, I get that they've had little crossovers here and there (like BR's storm King ltm and the bunker near Catty Corner that's been there since the start of the chapter that looks like Homebase) But I really thought that deep down epic at least had some sort of direction with BR's story that would relate to the main premise of STW's apocalypse.

But I guess that's never really going to happen, or at least there's no reason for it to now that they're basically killing off STW and saying they "finished" the game just to be done with it even though it still feels far from polished (which I'm hoping they fix like they said they would). But like I said they are literally killing the game without making free, and now they aren't handing out v-buck rewards for new players, so do you really think this type of publicity stunt will attract MORE BR players than before? Hells no. They would be paying for a game they know little to nothing about with little incentive to play because most of them have the attention span of around 30 minutes (a little more than your average BR match. And let me tell you 30 min in STW doesn't get you very far.

So, if you aren't trying to expand the player base then WHAT WAS THE POINT OF "RELEASING" THE GAME EPIC? We know the answer, it was just an excuse to say that they don't have to put out more updates (which were already pretty sparse for a game in development). The point is I don't think a major crossover update/event would ever happen at this point because now most BR players should care even less about STW now.

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That's it, didn't think I would have this much to say on mobile of all places. I have never posted here but I thought I needed to say this.


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