A lot of suggestions

Hey all, wanted to suggest a few things that might be cool if epic entertained the ideas of. Will be making multiple posts.

First of all, new melee perk system. I'll go through each perk I'd like to suggest a change to (as well as some new ones).

Melee Perks 2.0
I believe that melee weapons should be simplified into blunts and sharps because some weapons like swords and hardware have like half a dozen exclusive perks, while things like scythes, spears, axes and clubs only have 1 or 2 perks each

This would mean that some heroes would have to have their perks changed completely, which I feel like I could suggest some changes. But overall this would make some of the lesser used melee weapons viable as they'll be affected by stronger loadouts

  • Swordmaster Ken: Increase sharp weapon damage by 25/75% while affected by shadow stance
  • Forged Fate: Increase sharp weapon heavy attack efficiency by 65/200%
  • Dennis Jr.: Sharp weapon eliminations have a 11/37% chance to grant Rockin' Riff
  • Whiteout Fiona: Increases critical rating of sharp weapons by 15/45
  • Swashbuckler Keelhaul: Dealing pistol damage increases sharp weapon damage by 22/65% for 6 seconds
  • Piercing Lotus Edge: Dealing a critical hit has a 20/50% chance of dealing 14 affliction damage per second for 3 seconds
  • Deadly Lotus Luna: Increases sharp weapon damage against afflicted enemies by 25/50% (Additionally, sharp weapon heavy attacks have a 20% chance to apply 14 affliction damage per second for 3 seconds)
  • Harvester Sarah: Increases sharp weapon damage against slowed or snared enemies by 25/62% (Additionally, sharp weapons have a 10% chance to snare the target by 30% for 6 seconds)
  • Buccaneer Jonesy: Dealing sharp weapon damage increases pistol damage by 22/65% for 6 seconds
  • Guardian Bull: Increases blunt weapon critical rating by 17/50
  • Tank Penny: Increases blunt weapon damage by 17/50%
  • Privateer Hype: Blunt weapon knockbacks and staggers have a 50/100% chance to trigger kinetic overload twice
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It's mostly a case of opening up the perks to all sharp/blunt weapons, however some required entirely new perks, let me know what you think of em in the comments.

I may have missed a perk or 2 and these ones may or may not be balanced but these are just suggestions. I'm not a dev of the game so I don't know how to balance them well.

Also u/magyst I'd like to know your thoughts on a Melee Perks 2.0 system


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