A relatively new player’s opinion on the game.

Content of the article: "A relatively new player’s opinion on the game."

First off, I apologize for any formatting issues as I am on mobile.

I got the game in chapter 2 season 4, using the Metal Team Leader pack. I wanted to give my opinions on STW and this community.

I have been playing fortnite since Chapter 1 Season 2, and I had always hoped that eventually I'd get STW, I only had a switch when I started. Since I couldn't play STW, I would watch gameplay videos, and I fell in love with this game. I have only browsed this sub on a few posts, but the community seems for the most part helpful.

I would read the status reports too, and when Wpic announced this mode wouldn't receive nearly as much attention, when it wasn't given that much before the report released. I always thought that Epic should have better connected the other mode to this one, the heroes released could have easily been the same as the skins released in the battlepass, this would have been a nice way to bring STW models into the other mode too. Skins like Rippley and Rox could have been amazing as heroes.

This mode should have been included in collabs, I would have loved heroes for some of my favorite characters like Iron Man and Batman, and lightsabers could have easily been incorporated into this mode. As for copyright, the schematics and heroes could have stayed for as long as the collab items did in the other mode, after that, they would only return when the events returned.

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Ultimately, I'm disappointed with Epic, I love this game and both the other mode and this one, but Epic really did this mode and it's community wrong. At this point even a relatively new player like me can tell there's no use in asking Epic to change. I did want to say thanks to this community, whenever I had a question, I would check this sub, and on the rare occasions I posted or commented, this sub was so helpful and friendly.

It's sad Epic doesn't care about you guys like they do the community of the other mode.


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