A simple guide to understanding ping issues (hopefully)

There's continual threads regarding ping and latency issues in Fortnite. So I've attempted to put together a simple guide, for people to start diagnosing and understanding their own issues. I've tried to avoid getting too technical, so that it's accessible to most players.

It's useful to run these tests periodically when the connection is both good and bad, so you can see the difference between the two, providing you with a point of reference.

Check your local network connection.

  • Ping your own router.
    • If you don't know your router IP, you may be able to find it printed on the router itself.
  • Open the Windows command prompt. Type in ping -t
    • Replace with the IP of your router.
    • Leave this running while playing, especially during periods of bad connectivity.
    • Hit ctrl+c to close.
  • This should ideally be low < 1ms with minimal variation.
  • If your using WiFi you may experience 10ms + as well as fluctuations.
  • Packet loss/high ping here is very bad.
    • For WiFi, use an Ethernet cable, changing channel may help, but could easily become problematic again.
    • For Ethernet, hardware issues are likely, try restarting your router and PC. If the problem persists you may need to replace your router/Ethernet card/motherboard.

Check your Internet connection.

  • Ping a reliable known external server (Google DNS is good).
  • Open the Windows command prompt. Type in ping -t
    • Leave running while playing.
  • Again, the lower this value is the better, additionally you want low variation in ping times too.
    • High variation is very bad. Jumping from 10 – 50 – 10, could have similar affects to packet loss.
  • Packet loss here may indicate an issue with your Internet connection.
    • Ensure there is no other traffic on your network (turn off Youtube, Netflix, Twitch etc…)
    • If this only happens at peak times, you're likely experiencing congestion. If you have a minimum service level agreement with your provider, contact them.
  • You can also check your bandwidth, with a tool like
    • This may not provide a good indicator for gaming, as it's possible to have both high bandwidth and high ping, or even decent bandwidth with some packet loss. Bulk data transfer is not as sensitive to network issues as real time traffic.
    • If it's much lower than expected, then this may indicate an issue with your network.
  • If there are persistent/continual issues at this point, and you're not using up bandwidth with another application, restarting your router/modem may help, after that changing/contacting your provider is pretty much all you can do.
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Trace Route – I've seen this mentioned a few times, the results of which are misunderstood.

  • Trace route is a tool that pings every hop between your PC and a specified server.
  • Not all servers/hops respond to pings, not even the destination.
    • This results in trace route reporting timeouts.
    • This is perfectly normal and does not indicate an issue.
    • A significant increase in ping between two hops may flag a potential network issue.
  • I've seen suggestions to block IP's from trace route that return high pings . Don't do this. Best case it does nothing, worst case you break something down the line. If anyone can verify this actually works, I'd be happy to see the explanation/proof.
  • Example test:
    • Go to in your browser.
    • Now try traceroute from the command line: tracert
    • The trace route wont complete, but epic games loads fine.
    • Now try traceroute to a known responding server: tracert
      • You will get a response from the destination, but some hops may not, this is working fine.

Should I change DNS?

  • DNS converts a name (URL e.g. to the IP address.
  • Your PC/router caches this, so you only need to request the conversion once.
  • Changing this is unlikely to have any meaningful impact on gameplay.
  • You could potentially save some milliseconds when joining a match.
  • Changing DNS has a much bigger impact on browsing, where you regularly request new domain names to be converted to IP's.
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  • In game ping measurement is considerably lower than the real value.
  • How ping is measured in Fortnite is unknown. I believe it's one way, where as the above ping measures the time to get to the server and back again.
  • If your ping in Fortnite changes significantly between games while the results of the above tests remains constant, you are probably connecting to a different server within your region.
  • If you experience significant fluctuations in ping/packet loss in game, while the results remain constant, the issue is probably on Epics/AWS side, in my experience this is rare, and affects all of the players in a game.
  • You may be able to check which servers you're connecting to by looking in the FortniteGame.log file, and searching for 'RemoteAddr'.
    • I'm unsure if this is specifically the game server, or matchmaking/other service, but could provide a useful indicator. I'll try and validate this when I have time.
  • Pubs/Arena/Tournaments can all use different servers which is why you get better ping in one or the other, this may also routinely change.

This list isn't exhaustive, ping is one factor when looking at potential network issues. I've attempted to simplify things a lot, so may be too basic/obvious for a lot of you.

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If anyone has more detail/corrections, especially on Fortnite ping measurement and server allocation, I'd be happy to hear it.


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