A strat for 160 RTS missions without a jail but that still uses minimal traps (including solo gameplay with lots of propanes)

Content of the article: "A strat for 160 RTS missions without a jail but that still uses minimal traps (including solo gameplay with lots of propanes)"

So in light of recent news about jail builds possibly getting nerfed I thought I would share a helpful strat for doing 160 RTS missions that do not require a jail but also do not necessitate using an entire stack of traps.

Step 1: Go to the shelter and build walls around it and a ceiling. Tier them up.

Step 2: Figure out likely locations the husks will come from and then build the necessary structures (like tunnels and blockoffs for husk pathing) but do not place any traps yet.

Step 3: Start the mission and go find the modules (when soloing I almost always find all the modules without having to do the intermediate defense).

Step 4: When the defense starts I see where the husks are coming from and quickly place traps on the structures I built for that direction. Don’t crack under the pressure and you should be fine.

Step 5: Profit

From my experience I don’t think spawn points ever move in RTS missions, so it is kind of a waste to place traps everywhere. So wait till you see where husks start spawning from before placing traps.

I have done today’s 160 RTS four or five times now (all solo) and I won it each time using about twenty traps each time (and a bunch of them are usually just floor spikes which need no quartz, efficient, or oxi).

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Here is a video of when I did the 160 RTS this morning. When I was doing this mission last night I had lobbers and flingers spawn each time, so I was kind of surprised to see a lot of propanes spawn this time (so I quickly placed down a couple soundwalls).

Also, this video isn’t the best example of my strat because I had quite a good objective location (with only two ramps up to the objective), so I just decided to trap both of them before the defense actually began. I think I placed a total of five wall launchers, four tire drops, three floor spikes, one tar pit, two CEFs, and one broadside.

Twenty minutes to solo a 160 RTS using a total of 8 quartz, 27 efficient, and 16 oxi (and if I had followed my own strat and waited to place traps then I could have saved half of those traps).

Note that the only structures that got destroyed by the propanes were the ones not covered by my BASE. Having BASE Kyle as your commander (and PowerBASE and MegaBASE in support) really help in having a successful 160 defensive mission.


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